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Nikah dress

Hi lovelies! I showed you guys my nikah dress some months ago, and I mentioned how I designed it myself as well from head to toe. A lot of girls asked me what and how, who my tailor was, where I got the fabric and who did the sketching, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a proper post about it!

My dress fabric is from India, Ahmedabad and I bought it from Yourdesignerwear. I fell in love with it after seeing it fully stitched on a model where it was stitched as a gown that came with a sharara and a lehenga underneath. Since I had already made my mind up about wearing a gharara on my nikah, I went with ordering it unstitched instead! Back then my vision about what type of gharara I wanted wasn’t as clear, but I was sure that THAT was what I was going to wear.

The dress as shown on the website;

The shipping was very fast and the unstitched fabric arrived in five different pieces. My mama and I sat down to put the pieces together and I played with the thought of having the ruffles underneath the dress (these ones). I wanted it to be as chic as possible – no extra extra and no shocking colors. I had seen a net frill gharara some time ago on a model and started Pinteresting! Looove that website! I showed my mama what I meant and started sketching as well to make it clearer. Since I was leaving for Pakistan a week later than my family, I wouldn’t be present during the process of the making, so it was extra important for me to get my ideas through to my mom. Nothing could go wrong here!

I have to be honest. What was presented to me in Pakistan was more than I expected! The stitching was perfect, the cuts were perfect, everything was just more than I had imaged. The only thing I changed after arriving in Pakistan was the length – it was a bit longer than I wanted it to be. Since I was to wear a gharara underneath, the frok had to be shorter. And the neck had to be a bit deeper as well. I had decided to wear a beautiful choker set with it!

This is how the full done dress looked after the adjustments! I decided to put the “opening” of the neck (as you can see on second picture) at the back. Shown on the model picture is a net that is covering the deeper part of the oval, but I didn’t want it to be on the front due to the design and the pearls being too big.

I got a lot of questions about why I went with something made in India, when I could most probably find it in Pakistan as well. My problem was mostly that I live abroad and would arrive in Pakistan one week before the big day. NO ONE take orders with a deadline within a week, so I had to be quick about this! Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone in Pakistan I trust either when it comes to my taste in clothing. I’m very fussy to say at least, and I really really wanted to feel the fabric before saying yes to such an important dress. The other thing that really fascinated me was the whole design of it. I had never seen this kind of embroidery in Pakistan! I’m sure you can find goldmines here and there, but since I didn’t have time for that and only knew of local boutiques that offered the usual stuff, I went with India! Yourdesignerwear has been a trusted seller of asian wear since 2014 and I really just wanted something I felt secure with.

Moving on to the dupatta! With a silver detailed border and same flowers embroidery on the dress. So simple & chic ♥

& the beautiful gharara! You can really feel what I meant with the net frill. I wanted it to be so flowy that it would give a lehenga look, but without the boring fitting. What I needed to give for this to come to live was the fitting of my thighs, my length and hips = and voila! I got a piece of the same embroidery there is on the dress, in net-piece, and used it on the sides of the gharara.

The border before the frill, used the same design as the dupatta. However, I would’ve liked the border on the gharara to be a biiiiit smaller, cause it would give me a slimmer and taller look, but it wasn’t a big deal really without it either!

& a little hook to really give the gharara a good fitting!

I really hoped you guys enjoyed this post just as much as I liked writing it! This has been in my drafts for so long now but I thought I would give you an insight or ideas on how to design your future dress. If you have any questions regarding anything; feel free to ask! Oh & the whole stitching and cutting process was done by my personal designer in Rawal Pindi!

Also; you can see me wearing the dress HERE.