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Eid-prepp; Skincare

Hi loves! Ramadan is almost over (still can’t believe it) and we’re all waiting for Eid! The most important thing for me has always been to get the day off from work on Eid day, especially when I used to work as a shiftleader, as it was the only day when the whole family was at home, celebrating and just enjoying each others company. This year I get to have all three days off and I seriously cannot wait to doll up and take some photos!! Through the years, as I have gotten busier by time, Eid has been the one day where I go all in with jewellery, clothes and makeup, and I love the feeling of just letting everything go, putting on some good music and start my prepping for the day!

This year I thought it would be a good thing to write a little prepp-post about it! It IS a bit late (only 2 days left) I agree, but I’m sure you’ve caught up with the prepping anyway. For me, the most important thing is to take care of my skin 1-2 weeks before the big day. I love cleaning my room while having a good moisturizing mask on. So this first post is about skincare!


I know I’ve promised you guys a full blogpost on my skincare routine but I’m such a perfectionist and I realised last time I tried to record something for this category, that it was impossible for me to post it on here as I just cannot let go off the details. I’m still working on that though lol. I thought it would be better to slice it up like this so we at least get started – this way you’ll get an insight on my skincare products without having to read through 4 pages of skincare regime as well!

On the picture; Mask of MagnamintyChinese Ginseng & Rice Mask  – Himalayan Charcoal Mask – Warming Mineral Mask

These are my absolute favorite facial masks! I recently fell in love with Body Shop’s skincare products and I’ve been sold ever since. The Himalayan Charcoal mask is wonderful! I tried it the other day and it just felt like it cleaned up my face for all future blemishes and blackheads. The Chinese Ginseng & Rice mask is lovely as well. I used it in Pakistan last year and even though you can’t really see immediate results, it still feels amazing on the skin. It’s very light and you can have it on for as long as you’d like. It helps acne scars and you just wash it off with lukewarm water!!

The Body Shop’s Warming Mineral Mask is a new add on in my collection. I got a birthday coupon back in March and decided to try this one out as it was on display. It doesn’t smell that much of ginger (thank god?) but the clay feeling is sooo nice. You put it on damp face (I always do it after washing my face) and it feels so nice and warm. It says on the back that it’s supposed to remove excess oil and draw out impurities and even though it has done no major difference still, it still feels nice to put this on after a long day.

Last but not least; Mask of Magnaminty. I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned this, here and on instagram, but I AM IN LOVE! I’ve been using this since 2014 (the only mask that has been with me for so long) and I looove how it cleans up my acne! I only use this once a week but I strongly recommend to go more than that if you have problem with acne. I just don’t have that much time anymore (oh how I wish I did) and it’s bit hard to get it off the face when you’re not taking a shower afterwards, but I looove the feeling after washing it off. Leaves my skin so soft and smooth!!


The face is not the only thing that needs taken care of before Eid. I loove oiling my hair with some coconut oil (my favorite is the cold pressed one) and I always always brush my hair before jumping in the shower. I actually stopped brushing my hair for a time as it hurt so much with a normal brush and after I switched over to a Tangle teezer, it has totally changed my life!! I currently have one from H&M and I looove how easy it is to get the knots out of my hair now. I brush my hair before and after the shower, then spray some argan oil of Morocco (I wrote about this oil here) on my fingers and run them through my hair to get a smooth and silky feeling to it. Sometimes I braid my hair as well but other times I just do a Jasmine updo to avoid the frizziness.


Okay, fun fact; I got into feet care (lol) last year when I was on my skincare journey. I’ve always had very fair feet (eh okay?) and they look alright without having to take care of them as well but ohmygod, have you seen the difference after taking care of the nails?! I always used to just cut the nails jaldi jaldi and it would end up looking so weird with my taire nails, but ever since I got into this routine I now feel soo much more confident wearing flip flops!

What I do is I take a big bowl, fill it with warm water and just soak my feet for 10 minutes. After that I find my nail cutter, cut the nails in perfect square shapes, and start pushing in my cuticles (this is actually a THING). As I have soaked my feet for so long, it leaved the nails soo soft and easy to cut! No more nails flying all around the room LOL. After that, if I feel the need to, I file my nails so they don’t look as sharp after the nailcutter and then put on some nailpolish (only if I’m off for the week, or else I just skip this step as I have to pray). Also, I quickly run over with an epilator as the hair on my toes makes me cringe. This routine leaves my nails soooo trimmed and pretty and now I can pose all I want in my open chappals, no regrets!


This is an important step for us desis, especially Pakistani’s lol! I don’t even have to explain the hairy arms or eyebrows? Leave alone the moustache? Ugh. I recently discovered that you can actually use an eyebrow razor on your arms as well and my world turned upside down!! The most annoying thing in my little word is waxing my arms, oooohmyyyygooood I hate it! It’s messy and I don’t have the patience to do a 100% job anyway. So when I started using the eyebrow razors, I couldn’t believe how fast it went! Although it’s important to note that you need to be cautious with the knife as you can cut yourself very easily (don’t ask me how many times I’ve done that). It’s also a side effect that your arms and legs never look 100% clean as you just cut the hair off, compared to when you wax you pull the whole thing out. But it’s an easy and cheap way to do it fast and I love it! I will, however, do waxing for Eid (if I can be bothered so to say lol).

For my eyebrows and upperlips I strictly do threading in a x10 mirror (I have one from Tweezerman and I love it! Comes with a little LED light and suction cup so you can put it on a larger mirror. For the tweezer itself I have tried so many different ones but invested in an Anastasia tweezer last year. I have never regretted it cause it even gets the tiniest hair that’s not even visible in an x10 mirror. It IS a bit expensive but so worth it trust me. Same goes for the Anastasia eyebrow scissors. So pointy and sharp, I love it!

That was that! I think I covered the whole thing but if I forget something I’ll just add it on here till later. Next post will be about shopping for Eid clothes! Stay tuned <3

Argan oil of Morocco

I found Argan Oil of Morocco through a random Youtuber when I was juuust getting into skincare last year. This girl had straight jetblack hair and was telling how much she loved this product (this was over a year ago so I unfortunately don’t remember who it was lol) and I didn’t wait a second before I ordered it myself. I’ve always had long black hair but through the years and stress the shine just disappeared and they always look so dry. This has annoyed me so much that I’ve literally just cut it off each time, but now when Hammad is fan of long hair and I myself don’t want to cut it as well, this came perfectly!

This oil is AMAZING and the best part of it is that it’s not even that expensive. I absolutely love the formula and how lightweight it is. The thing I like the most is that it’s an oil but your hair won’t end up looking oily at all! What I do is that I spray a decent amount of it on my palm, and then just run my fingers through my damp hair after taking a shower. I tend to not do it on the roots, as I’m trying to avoid oily hair, and this literally leaves the hair so silky that it’s impossible to even put it in a bun next day! I always do a Jasmine-braid (PICTURE) so my hair won’t get curly as it’s still damp. I’ve finished two bottles of these already and I’m on my third and absolutely loving it!

A follower asked where she could get this from but I have found this at the pharmacy, local supermarket and H&M, so basically everywhere! Try it, you’ll love it!

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands

This is the official start of my skincare category! This has been the most requested thing on my blog/instagram but somehow I always end up postponing it. My initial thought was to make a full post about my skincare routine, what stuff I use, what I have been using before but never worked out etc, but that was too much work for me and too much text for you guys, which is why I came up with the idea of a category so I can put out small posts containing all the info about the products I use!

This first post is about my favorite hand cream! I’ve always had very dry hands and they were the worst during wintertime. I would have to sleep with gloves on in order to keep them somewhat normal looking and they would hurt and itch most of the time. I would always be in a complex looking at girls with beautiful hands, and then I had mine that looked like they’ve been working fulltime for +50 years lol. The worst period was when I first started my job at Espresso House. Ohmygod, I would get home with barista fingers and coffee stains all over them, making the dryness worse since I was using all types of weird sanitiser spray bottles at work. It was very tough, I have to admit. I went to the pharmacy to get some advice and got a thick moisturising hand cream (don’t remember the name now) that did absolutely nothing for me. I have always HATED the feeling of hand creams lasting for more than 10 minutes as well. The weird sensation of not being able to grab anything cause of slippery hands and then you need to do a bathroom visit and UGH!

One miserable day, after getting home from work, I sat down and started researching about what to do. I was on the stage of cutting my hands off, that’s how bad it was lol! My keywords started off with “dry hands” but after thinking about it, I realised that I cannot possibly be the only one with dry hands problems as a barista! SO, I somehow landed on this forum where 90% of the baristas were recommending this and promising magic. I didn’t have a second thought (desperate much) and ordered it the next second. Two days later I picked it up from the post office and my life changed. I’m not even exaggerating and this is NOT a sponsored post. I absolutely love this cream and urge all and everyone to try it out. I would also personally recommend this for you guys as well that might not have very dry hands but every now and then do the dishes at home. You wake up with babysoft new hands and for me it has been a total game changer. This was +2 years ago and I have bought my 4th tub already.

It is to be used on nights and it says on the backside that a little goes a long way! So take a decent amount, moisturise your hands before going to sleep and then wash it off in the morning! I personally recommend this being used at nights as moisturizing creams work best when applied for hours. It can itch a bit sometimes but that’s normal! You can find this at your local pharmacy or on the internet! For my Swedish readers, the cream can be found HERE. The cream is called “O’Keeffe’s Working Hands”.

Mehfooz rahe teri aan sada

Good…night? It’s midnight here and I just woke up! Hammad and I fell asleep the minute we got home and I don’t know how he does it, but I can never sleep throughout the night like this. I have to mentally prepare myself for it first, do a whole skincare routine and plan for the next day in order not to wake up in 2-3 hours again lol. What a controllfreak… I woke up at 10am today cause of a streamed lecture about Textproduction where we are discussing news and journalism and it sounds interesting so far! Do you guys want to hear more about uni and what I’m studying? After my lecture I was thinking if I should jump back in bed and sleep off my tired eyes (I had a very bad night yesterday) or just carry on with the day and the weather helped me decide – I stayed awake and got so much done on my to-do-list! The pile of laundry that was annoying the heck out of me is now gone, I have done a whole skincare routine with the best Aloe Vera mask ever and even packed for next month (will tell you guys more about this). The weather was,  as mentioned before, perfect, so I forced Hammad outside and we went to feed the ducks! We’ve been there once before but at that time it was mostly just pigeons, ducks and crows – this time a lot of gulls surprised us and ohmygod they were crazy screaming for food! I love doing these small things with Hammad, nothing fancy. We have so much fun just talking about life and enjoy each others company. Done with the day and hungry as we were, we decided to go to Gothenburg for food! I think the one thing we have missed the most is the options of halal restaurants in this city. Borås is nice and all but you can literally just find expensive bars and restaurants or Mcdonalds…. & we weren’t really feeling fast food so we ran away to the cities of the cities to get us some good high-end turkisk food! I had read some reviews about Pasha Grill before as well but ohmygod SOOO worth the money! We ended the day with a delicious apple pie with vanilla sauce and then drove back to Borås again, satisfied and happy as ever lol! The next post will be about my favorite 3 halal restaurants in Gothenburg!

Oh, I’ve missed writing like this. Not caring about anything just sharing my day. Next thing on my list is a blogging-camera so I have pictures to show as well lol. Completely forgot what it is to blog nowadays!

Back to square one.

Hi loves! Hope you guys are fine and had a good day. I was super tired after 7 hours of work so I took a quick nap before starting anything else. I just ate so I don’t want to jump in bed in case my food wants to get out the same way it went in (ugh tmi), so I’m just hovering around, annoying Hammad and thinking about life. My goal for 2019 was to get back here where I first started, on my blog, and focus on content and quality before anything else. I feel with instagram algorithm and yada yada, the main focus has shifted a lot for bloggers for the past 2 years. It’s suddenly about who does the best giveaways, who can get the most comments and likes and just in general show up the perfect facade of the bunch. I was invited to a bloggers group through my DM’s where you follow each other and leave comments and such to beat the algorithm and I just felt a big fat NO.

I had a little chat about this with Hammad as well and have finally decided that I will be returning to my blog fulltime. I miss this part of myself. The photographer, the content creator, the DIY’er, the blogger. It feels like with instagram and all its hassle, all my hobbies are just running down the drain. Everything is about what my followers think – even the interior in my own apartment lol. I’m not blaming anyone for this but I’m quick to recover when these things happen.

This doesn’t mean I will be disappearing from instagram fully, but my main focus for 2019 will be this blog. This is my main channel and if you’re interested to follow me you can come on here to stalk okay? lol. I’m still active on instagram though! But the content I will be creating will be for this blog mainly.

Nikah dress

Hi lovelies! I showed you guys my nikah dress some months ago, and I mentioned how I designed it myself as well from head to toe. A lot of girls asked me what and how, who my tailor was, where I got the fabric and who did the sketching, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a proper post about it!

My dress fabric is from India, Ahmedabad and I bought it from Yourdesignerwear. I fell in love with it after seeing it fully stitched on a model where it was stitched as a gown that came with a sharara and a lehenga underneath. Since I had already made my mind up about wearing a gharara on my nikah, I went with ordering it unstitched instead! Back then my vision about what type of gharara I wanted wasn’t as clear, but I was sure that THAT was what I was going to wear.

The dress as shown on the website;

The shipping was very fast and the unstitched fabric arrived in five different pieces. My mama and I sat down to put the pieces together and I played with the thought of having the ruffles underneath the dress (these ones). I wanted it to be as chic as possible – no extra extra and no shocking colors. I had seen a net frill gharara some time ago on a model and started Pinteresting! Looove that website! I showed my mama what I meant and started sketching as well to make it clearer. Since I was leaving for Pakistan a week later than my family, I wouldn’t be present during the process of the making, so it was extra important for me to get my ideas through to my mom. Nothing could go wrong here!

I have to be honest. What was presented to me in Pakistan was more than I expected! The stitching was perfect, the cuts were perfect, everything was just more than I had imaged. The only thing I changed after arriving in Pakistan was the length – it was a bit longer than I wanted it to be. Since I was to wear a gharara underneath, the frok had to be shorter. And the neck had to be a bit deeper as well. I had decided to wear a beautiful choker set with it!

This is how the full done dress looked after the adjustments! I decided to put the “opening” of the neck (as you can see on second picture) at the back. Shown on the model picture is a net that is covering the deeper part of the oval, but I didn’t want it to be on the front due to the design and the pearls being too big.

I got a lot of questions about why I went with something made in India, when I could most probably find it in Pakistan as well. My problem was mostly that I live abroad and would arrive in Pakistan one week before the big day. NO ONE take orders with a deadline within a week, so I had to be quick about this! Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone in Pakistan I trust either when it comes to my taste in clothing. I’m very fussy to say at least, and I really really wanted to feel the fabric before saying yes to such an important dress. The other thing that really fascinated me was the whole design of it. I had never seen this kind of embroidery in Pakistan! I’m sure you can find goldmines here and there, but since I didn’t have time for that and only knew of local boutiques that offered the usual stuff, I went with India! Yourdesignerwear has been a trusted seller of asian wear since 2014 and I really just wanted something I felt secure with.

Moving on to the dupatta! With a silver detailed border and same flowers embroidery on the dress. So simple & chic ♥

& the beautiful gharara! You can really feel what I meant with the net frill. I wanted it to be so flowy that it would give a lehenga look, but without the boring fitting. What I needed to give for this to come to live was the fitting of my thighs, my length and hips = and voila! I got a piece of the same embroidery there is on the dress, in net-piece, and used it on the sides of the gharara.

The border before the frill, used the same design as the dupatta. However, I would’ve liked the border on the gharara to be a biiiiit smaller, cause it would give me a slimmer and taller look, but it wasn’t a big deal really without it either!

& a little hook to really give the gharara a good fitting!

I really hoped you guys enjoyed this post just as much as I liked writing it! This has been in my drafts for so long now but I thought I would give you an insight or ideas on how to design your future dress. If you have any questions regarding anything; feel free to ask! Oh & the whole stitching and cutting process was done by my personal designer in Rawal Pindi!

Also; you can see me wearing the dress HERE.

Straight from Pakistan; Peunia!

Hi lovelies ♥ The other day I posted a story of my breakfast and got soo many DM’s asking me what I was eating! This is called peunia (or as I say it; PENIA) and all I know is that we buy lots of these from Pakistan. We found them in a Pakistani store as well in Denmark (Punjab Sweets) but they didn’t taste as nice but still!! At least they had them lol!

Someone asked me whether there’s a recipe for this as well, lekin nahi! You get this in a pack and just pour it into your chai (or milk; whatever you like).

Shot these images of my tasty breakfast! Had almost forgotten how time consuming it is, cause by the time I got the perfect shot, my chai was cold ugh.