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________ 2018-08-25 ________

I think I finally found a place for my polaroids! I’ve been moving them around my room for ages now, just didn’t feel like “me” hanging them on the wall, and you all know what I feel about clutter or things that give me “cluttery” feelings. I moved my bigass mirror to the side and just stuck them through the little opening at the sides. I don’t use this mirror anyway (never get ready in my room lol) and this looks more personalised than having them like rest of the world.

The funniest thing happened to me when I clicked the first shots with my polaroid camera. I didn’t have a sharpie so I tried to write with a normal ballpen at the top—ruined the whole thing! I couldn’t wipe it off (duh) nor write anything new and I really didn’t feel like throwing my very first shots away just cause of some tiny errors (YES, I’m this annoying with myself lol). So I just cut the “extra” part off all my polaroids and now have to keep it like that to make it look even & pretty. Firstworldproblems I know…

I just write the date on the back of the picture. Unique I know lol.

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