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Oral B Genius 9000 Rosegold

________ 2018-08-18 ________

Hi guys! I have been all crazy about skincare since 2018 took it’s beginning—and with it came oral care as well lol. After months of researching and reading article after article, I decided to go big and invest in an Oral-B Genius 9000 in rosegold!! It was a beautiful moment when I opened the package and saw what was waiting for me. The most high-tech toothbrush with the most 2018-color haha!

I thought it was a good time to throw in a mini-review on this. I’ve been using this for almost 4 months and have literally nothing to complain about. I ordered the toothbrush from Clas Ohlson (direct link) and it came with 4 different brush heads, a beautiful rosegold cover/travel case and an iPhone “stand” so you can put your iPhone up on the mirror and use the Bluetooth features as well (I told you it’s high-tech!!) It has 5 different brushing modes, pressure sensor (so you don’t brush too hard) and is the only brush with position detection that sees where you brush and guides you to never miss a zone. It also have Bluetooh and an app that you can download on your iPhone to keep track on your brushing sessions. Talk about really going all in for oral care?

I’ve only been using 1 head, the crystal one, and it’s my favorite. It has a round shape to it so it really brush the teeth from all sides. I always choose the “polishing” mode cause I feel that’s when my teeth gets the intensive care they need after eating crap all day. There’s also a mode for your tongue, so you can scrape off all food residues in one go!

I used the travel case for my trip to Pakistan and it was the easiest and most convenient thing ever. I just took off the brush head and neatly packed the toothbrush in the travel case—voila! Forget all transparent kitchen bags you always use—we’re traveling with style!

I have to be honest; I haven’t used the Bluetooh mode that much. I downloaded the app before flying to Pakistan, but deleted it again cause it was taking up too much space in my phone and I also didn’t use the app at all. I tried the position detection as well, but didn’t like it at all since the moment you moved your face, it would get out of frame and start all over again. It was just too complicated for me I guess. I really liked that you could choose the color tho! That’s also something you’ll need the app for! The travel case comes with a USB port as well, so you can charge your phone and toothbrush in one go. 21st century at its best.

Beautiful color! Rosegold all the waaaay
Travelcase with an USB-port—What more do you need?
5 different brush heads—secured for the upcoming 2 years at least lol
Pressure sensor—okay so this has to be my favorite feature ever. I’ve always had very weird looking toothbrushes since they always end up ruined cause I brush too hard, but this prevent the whole thing! It starts blinking red whenever you put on too much pressure! YAS

The color is VERY sensitive. It’s rosegold mixed with white and ugh, let me just say that I should’ve gone for a darker color. Gets very dirty after a week and so.
The app is hella confusing—anyone else using it and think the same?
Battery—okay so I know it’s an electric tootbrush and cause of that you need to charge it but ughhhhhhh the other day it died before me being done with my teeth and I got so damn annoyed lol.

All in all—I really love it and it makes my teeth feel brand new, BUT it IS a lot of money for a toothbrush. I think it’s cause of the Bluetooh feature…. Which I didn’t like either. I don’t know, I would recommend Oral B as a brand but would most probably advise you to buy the old versions as they’re cheaper and got the same ability, just without the Bluetooth.

Hope this helped you guys! This review is written in all honesty and I bought the toothbrush with my own money.

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