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Butterfly wall—Recreating Serena’s room

________ 2018-08-04 ________

Alot of you guys have been asking me about my butterfly wall in my room, and I think I had a mini tutorial on this when I first got the idea and made it happen. But since all those posts are gone, I thought I would make another more detailed post about this! I am such a sucker for wall-decor, I just can’t deal with an empty wall! I need a lot of pictures on there (no clutter though), something that just shows Momna! Serena’s room in Gossip Girl has always fascinated me, even though I’ve never been a loyal follower of the series. I was starstruck when I first saw it and when I was brainstorming what to do in here, I got this idea of recreating the whole thing and just skipping the black color!

Now, Serena’s room is HUGE lol and I only wanted this on the wall above my bed, which meant that the design went a bit smaller than I had thought. I still think of “expanding” it to fill the whole wall but I don’t know.. I’m scared it’ll give a “dirty” look to it lol.

SO! I researched a lot about the butterflies and had thoughts of making this on cardstock paper. Then I remembered that I had seen these beautiful 3D mirror butterflies on ebay and knew instantly that I had to bring this to my wall! Every package contained 12 butterflies, in different sizes, and I think I ordered around 10! You have to remember that the butterflies are in different sizes, so even though you have a lot of them, you still have to pair them right!

I started with the design without drawing anything on wall. I know that a lot of people like to have it perfectly symmetrical, but I seriously couldn’t be bothered. Some things just aren’t mean to be perfectly perfect all the time! Included in the package was small adhesive-tapes as well and I thought “Oh! This just got so much easier!”. First night went by and I woke up with 5 different butterflies in my hair that had fallen of the wall haha! So I went on and found my gluegun! Just a reminder though; A gluegun is something that is NOT meant to be used everywhere. If you live in an apartment that is not yours, I do not recommend glueing these on the walls, as it ruins the paint underneath! But since this is my room forever and we live in a villa, I can do whatever I want alhumdullilah. And I have no plans on taking these off anytime soon.

What you need for this project is the following;

A gluegun + gluesticks—which can be found literally anywhere!
3D mirror butterflies (you can choose color yourself)—Can be found HERE on ebay!
A picture to follow—Which you can find HERE. This is of Serena’s room and good to have with you when you’re working with your wall!

The only “con” I have in mind after having these on for around 2-3 years now, is that they get very dusty! I have to clean them once in a while to make them look even brighter, but that’s just something that comes with lol. Other than that, I am SO happy that I had this idea and actually made it happen as well!

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