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________ 2018-05-26 ________

The most common answer to if you guys wanted to see more blogposts like the one I posted yesterday, was YAS, so I thought why not show you guys my beautiful magnet “board” today (don’t even know if you can call it a board.. strip? lol). I got this from Åhlens and with it tiny tiny magnets followed… Which I have no idea where is now. I never got the chance to put it up before and quite honestly; had no idea where to either. I looove decor but I hate cluttering. My room needs to give a contrast look to it, good calm colors and beautiful interior yes! I used to have a “heart wall” in my room before. It’s basically a heart made out of your favorite pictures and since I’m a hobby photographer, my heart was made out of the best pictures ever shot. This was 3-4 years ago and through the years the thought of having random colored pictures on the wall just seems.. nah. It feels too messy. So this board is the only thing where I’m showcasing my photography skills live lol. I was thinking of having beautiful inspo pictures here before, but to print my own work would be better!

The other day I found the perfect magnets as well! So Kate Spade inspired and I absolutely love the gold foiled hearts and dots in two of them. The picture of the boy holding the flowers below is not shot by me—it’s just a random one I found on the internet. If you guys know the real photographer, please do tell me! I put up this thing with two push pins, which I use for almost everything on the walls! This is a really good idea if you don’t like your room to look so messy but at the same time want to show some personality.

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