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IKEA trolley—Råskog

________ 2018-05-25 ________

I’m currently in a spring-summer-clean-out of my room! Not only is it needed (trust me) but I’m also thinking to make more space for upcoming work here. My mom bought this beautiful trolley from IKEA a while ago and as with everything else, I claimed it first… Even though she bought it lol! I’m so lucky actually, cause my mom and I have the exact same taste in furniture, decor stuff and interior! It feels like I’m cloning myself whenever we go out to do IKEA-shopping and THAT is a feeling of power!

Anyway, enough of my craziness. When I first dragged this trolley to my room, it just looked weird and I didn’t really know what to do with it. Which resulted in me going back with it to my mom and saying that I didn’t really need it anyway… It was first when I was surfing on Pinterest when I got this idea of decorating it with my favorite stationary! So I got it back into my room and ohmygod, this gives such a luxurious look to it.

In here I stored my favorite pens, scissors, planners—just everything stationary. The acrylic tumblr is from Glitter and is actually for jewellery—but I found better purpose for it. The hole puncher and tape dispenser is from Åhlens and the stapler I stole from my sister. Going to order my own very soon! The golden scissors are from eBay and in there I have stacked some Pandora pens I got from my sister as well. The tiny pineapple.. I don’t remember where it’s from but I store all my tiny tiny erasers in there lol. Planner from Lagerhaus and the gems etc from Primark.

I stored my printer on the second “floor” and my laminator on the last one. Still not sure to keep it there or not, will most probably find something better. The trolley is called “Råskog” on IKEA and is actually for the kitchen I think? You can also DIY it with spraypaint if you find it cheaper but in another color!

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