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South Asian Ranis—Part 1 Afghan

________ 2018-03-28 ________

The most awaited post of all time—a follow up on my afghan photoshoot regarding the details ♥ This recreation of the South Asian Ranis Series by Aankita.b was on my list for weeks before I finally decided to go all in. The best part is before the actual shoot, where you’re out looking for different detail props! It’s so fun to research a new culture/country and see what they’re usually up to on a daily basis. I can tell you that I had major problems picking up a dress I liked as well, cause the most important part is how you carry it. I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull it off but now I think it went better than expected. Afghan dresses are full of mirror work and colorful embroidery, something that’s not really “in” when you’re wearing pakistani shalwar kameez. I was initially out looking for a black frock but ended up with a cyan one cause I had a budget to hold.

The Dress

The dress is by the seller Desertdressofficial on Ebay. To be noted now; a lot of you guys have misconceptions regarding ebay overall. There’s obviously second hand stuff and then there’s proper shops similar to Etsy ones, that sells new items with tags and all. Desertdressofficial is one of the latter one which is located in Cardiff, United Kingdom. I actually bought a shiny blue dress but received the wrong item, but since the whole procedure of returning and getting the correct dress would extend the whole shoot, I just went with the one I received. Not that bad either tbh.

The dress is, as I said, in a dark cyan color, with huge multi colored mirror work embroidery that follows the actual “flow” of the skirt. It has small white pearls following the end of the sleeves with tiny mirrors in goldish color in between the embroidery. The dress is huuuuge! It came in one-size, so I was pretty much aware of the fact it wouldn’t be a perfect fit anyway. Now the best part is the belt! This is what made it “customised” for me. The sleeves were huge and even though they’re charming irl, they looked a bit weird in pictures, so I had to put a safety pin in order to keep them in normal size lol. Here is the link for the shiny blue one I actually ordered. Since I received the wrong item, I don’t have the correct link for the dress I’m wearing in the pictures, but if you look around in the shop, you’ll find lots of other colors and designs! Good luck!


Yeeeih! I analyzed the original picture by Ankita as well, but had a strong memory of fellow afghan friends and how they looked attending weddings and all. I found some really nice kuchi chokers which were actually pretty decent but wow-expensive. Since this is a budget thing for me, I can’t go around purchasing 50-dollar chokers which I most probably never will be wearing again lol. So I kept it a bit mediocre and thought I would have to pull it off somehow. This statement necklace in multi color came with a pair of earrings as well! The material has no weight, like the typical pakistani fancy jhumki that will tear your ears apart, but is actually very light-weighted. Comes with a black ribbon you “tighten” at the back according to your own liking, instead of the typical hook. Here is the direct link!

The heavy tribal matha patti is another thing that really screams afghan history through decades! I picked up one with slightly multi colored stones, so it gave an “afghan” feeling to it. The three different sides comes with hooks, so I pretty much just put them through my hair and voila! What a lovely piece! Here is the direct link.

Then we have the handpieces, which were actually just an add-on from my side. I thought it would be fun with extra details and purchased low-quality hand-slaves that were in a very damaged condition upon arrival. They never really stayed on my hand and the little mirror had a very bad finish to it. The rings were bent in a really weird way so they never came on properly as well. Here is the direct link.

Now to the beautiful double layered tribal pehzebz! These are actually purchased last year both of them so I don’t have any active link. They matched the whole afghan look, so it was a win win situation for me lol. But it’s not that hard to find new ones on ebay. You just search tribal anklets and 68493922 different ones will pop up.

Makeup details

I’m not really a makeup-artist but thought I could mention the lashes and lipstick color anyway! The liquid lipstick is by Anastasia in Crush, and the lashes are by Ritz called Ritzie! These are soooo gorgeous and perfect for little heavier looks! The contacts are Hidrocor Ocre from Solotica which I reviewed here as well. I had plans to curl my hair but couldn’t find the curling iron so this is just my normal newly-washed hair lol.

I hope you guys liked the detailed post! I will be recreating 2-3 more looks in this series very soon and a follow-up detail post will be posted after those as well. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to DM me or whatever, I’ll try to reply as quick as I can! If you do decide to recreate the original look, don’t forget to tag me so I can see it as well! Would be so fun to see the different interpretations!

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