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I know Ramadan is 2-3 months away AND that you have to get through 22 hours of fasting every day for a month to celebrate Eid-day—BUT I still cannot containt my excitement that I have for this upcoming Eid!!! I have already ordered my dresses for the first 3 days (YES I celebrate all three days lol) and I’m currently looking at indian chokers to go with. Are you guys as excited as me or is it just me? I don’t know, Eid has such a special place in my heart, you go up, put some nice music on, get ready, take pictures, eat together and you’re just happy. Happiness means a lot. Last year was bizarre, I think it was the first Eid after 4-5 years that I didn’t doll up for at all. I wasn’t in a good place and it’s still strange for me how I spent the whole day in my pyjamas, looking out the window. Life’s weird you know, if you’re sad, everything around you feels plastic and show off. You just want your little corner and some peace.

ANYWAY! That is NOT what I was going to discuss with you guys lol. Have you been a loyal follower, you must know what Eid is to me. You also know that I most certainly post an Eid-prepp post as well, 2-3 days before the big day. This years, as I deleted all my old entries, I thought it would be fun to show you guys my looks for Eid the last… 5 years? See it as inspiration or whatever, but I like seeing how advance I’ve gotten through the years when it comes to the details LOL. Everything, every little bling, matters!!!

It all started 7 years ago! I put on my sisters old shalwaar kameez on and took some pictures. I think this was when photography hit me, I just bought a new camera and suddenly pictures was the most important thing. The jewelry set I’m wearing here is an old one from 2010 (!!!!)—which you guys will see me wearing again in -14 (HAH). You must know that going Pakistan was the only way for me to buy new jewelry and that only happened once a year. So along with this set here, I had some old crappy jhumkas. Forget the kundan chokers I go around with now, everyone started little lol.

2013 came and I went out wearing my blue dress from JJ!! I still have this dress, and even though it looks like something from 6 years ago, it still has its charm lol. My hair was so thick and healthy here ugh, miss those days. These are pictures from Eid-ul-fitr and Adha!! The second picture is so embarrasing, I had no idea I was so chubby back in 2013? Where are my cheekbones loool.

In 2014 I took the matter in my own hands and ordered my most favorite dress ever. This was the first year I got something from India and I was so surprised at the quality! I did not expect it to be this beautiful. It was really just blind trust, aghar acha hua to achi baat hai nahi to to hell with it lol. I still have this and I absolutely love the white color against my brown skin. The dupatta that came with was magic and I have used it with several other shalwaar kameez as well. Talk about it being worth the price haha! I found some old bangles in my cupboard and a pair of earrings. It was a good Eid!

And then in 2015 the dresses from India turned into a tradition. It was so much fun! There is absolutely no asian community here in this part of Sweden, so for me to get shipped something so close to my culture was a dream come true. I would just place an order and voila! It would arrive like candy wrapped up in silver paper. I went for a shocking pink dress on Eid-ul-fitr, this had the most beautiful silver embroidery on the sleeves and down. Can you see the same jewelry set I wore in 2012? lol! The dress was probably for tall girls, cause I had to cut it to fit my size. I literally wore HIGH heels, with capital letters, and the dress would still be in the way haha! On Eid-ul-adha I went with a simple look for the first time. Don’t get me wrong, big fancy dresses are heaven but to wear them all day is tiring! So I ordered a shalwar kameez in navy blue with golden details. You can see it’s 3 years old, cause of the length haha.

& the start of the jewelry in 2016!!! This was the beeeeest Eid ever (I know I say this every year LOL) but I ordered this kundan set from India as well and it came with earrings, a necklace and a bindi. Im not a fan of bindis, which is why I never used it either. There was an extra pendant hanging on the necklace but I wanted it to look like a choker so I took it off as well. This set was bought inspired by Aishwariya Rai in the song “Ankhon ki gustakhiyaan”—LOOOVED her outfit and jewelry!

Eid-ul-Adha same year!! This gorgeous yellow dress came in 4 pieces—chorri trouser, the embroidered gown and a shameez to go with it underneath + the dupatta. It caught the last of september summer perfectttttly! The jhumkis were simple ones from India as well—since the dress already was all bling blind. Love love loveeee!

Inspired by the most beautiful Mouni Roy!! I saw a picture of her in a white lehenga and beautiful motiye ke phool and just fell in love. It was a dream come true to wear jasmine flowers in my hair ♥ This dress was breathtaking but all credit goes to the dupatta. Ohmygod, the embroidery is to die for. I’m in love, I have no words for this look, this day and the songs played. All love. The pearl choker I wore on this day came with a pair of beautiful earrings and pearl saharas—went hand in hand with my look.

Second day, same year. This dress had mirror-stones sleeves and was made for a pure anarkali look. I was a bit unsure about the figure, cause it made me look fat (LOL), but after putting it on I got Pakeezah feelings and braided my hair. The small kundan earrings and my makeup look for the day made this whole look sooo much better. This dress came with a lehenga as well, but because of it being too much for my taste, I put on the chorri trousers instead. Also from India of course.

AND—Now it’s 2018 and I cannot wait to show you guys what I come up with this year!!! Do you go all in for Eid or is it just a normal day for you?

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