New start

________ 2018-02-14 ________

Hi beautiful people! Its 2018 and I have decided to get back on this platform for good. Sometimes I catch myself missing this part of myself—I mean, it’s been my safe place for almost 7 years now and it would be such a shame to let that go. I have deleted all my old blogposts so for everyone messaging me on instagram—that is why you’re unable to click “previous”. It’s not worth it, my past lol. So along with my high school friends and years, the memories, songs and pretty much every tiny detail about my being, disappeared as well. I’m cleaning my head for good and starting a new life alhumdullilah, and I cannot wait to share that with you guys!

Recently I put up a story on my instagram and asked you guys for blog posts ideas. It was mostly to hear your part, since I’m taking a new turn with Thursdaygal. I seriously cannot wait to dig in and start writing here again. To show you all my DIY projects, my Eid dresses, what I think & what not and WHY. Oh, I’m so excited! Lots of love from Sweden ♥

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