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________ 2017-03-25 ________

Here’s my update on my wedding deets binder, after all the last touch ups and add-ons I went live on instagram as well, mainly to show you guys my binder and what’s inside, but thought that I’ll post this for you guys that somehow missed it (HOW?!) or just wanted a second look. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but this binder is full of actual details regarding my wedding. Everything from the first try on of the wedding dress to music playlists, jeweller contact numer and hall confirmation note. I love gathering inspiration but if there’s anything better than that, it has to be having actual bridal dress receipt or pictures of the different stages your wedding dress went through to be the most important piece of cloth you’ll ever own.

I know I’ve already showed you guys the dividers but here you go again, cause now we’re gonna start a weekly update on this for real :) First thing’s first; I made all the dividers, dashboard etc myself in Photoshop. I used layers, purchased bokeh background and credit goes to whoever made the icons! This right here is my dashboard which I’ll be using as a “to-do-list”. Right now it contains thousands of post-it’s where I’ve written what I need to do next, be that printing or something else!

Then we have all my different dividers! I laminated all of these, including my dashboard, with Anderson’s laminator. It was quite easy to be honest and took me around 5 minutes to get everything done!

Every divider contains information regarding the heading. For example under “attire” you’ll find stones, the actual pictures and semi stitched pieces of the dress.

Since last time I actually bought a new binder cause I wanted a front page as well. Here’s the picture I made in Photoshop as well! The page is golf-foiled using my laminator and some gold foiled paper. Tutorial coming soon!

That’s all for this time! I’ll make part 1,2 & 3 for the pages in the different dividers so this post won’t be too long lol!

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