Shopping, The Weeknd

The Weeknd collaborates with H&M

________ 2017-03-20 ________

I just get more and more surprised every time I see The Weeknd’s face in a public place lol… I’m still so used to the dark depressed and secretive Abel back in the days, that I literally can’t hide my excitement over his rising progress in the music industry *groupe-warning*. Today I had 3 hours to kill before work and therefore went to our local walking street for some window shopping. What do I see in H&M’s window? XO jackets and hoodies! I was literally laughing out loud, I got so happy! I already own a XO-HOODIE, but back then no one knew of The Weeknd so I just ordered a customized one lol.

The funny part is just that his collection with H&M is for men… AND of course I got his bomber jacket anyway haha! I don’t really care, cause it fits my heart and body perfectly yaaao

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