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Happiest 23′rd birthday

________ 2017-03-20 ________

Yesterday I rounded 23 years of my life. Thats quite old if you ask me… Wish I could stay 18 all my life lol. I danced to Taal soundtrack in the morning, did a little bit of coding, took some pictures and ate cake with dood patti at 10pm. I got roses from my mama and a beautiful Pandora bracelet from my sister (THANK YOU!). If you’re a faithful follower you’ll know how much I love taking birthday pictures. I try to change the themes every once and then and was pretty much tired of the huge digit balloons I buy every year. That’s why I decided to just go with the flow and this ↓ is what I came up with. Cool huh? Even though wrinkles are 30 years ahead, I still feel so old lol.. I mean I’m halfway to 50 in two years?!

Aaaaand here’s my “normal” pictures for those wondering. I was wearing my new kameez from Beech Tree and was loving the cutwork at the bottom. Felt so summery in a way :⁆ I got this from Pakistan!

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