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________ 2015-10-21 ________

BACK IN PAKISTAN Jag fick aldrig chansen att fota första gången vi mellanlandade i Qatar, Doha då vårt flyg från Köpenhamn hade blivit lite sen och vi istället fick springa för att hinna till nästa flyget. Men på vägen hem blev det gott om bilder! Denna gången hade vi 5 att dra runt och kolla och det var verkligen hur mysigt som helst!

//T R A N S L A T I O N; BACK IN PAKISTAN I never had the chance to take pictures when we first got to Qatar, on our way to Pakistan. Our flight was late from Copenhagen so we practically ran to catch the next flight lol. BUT, I had my camera with me on our way home and this time we had 5-hours stay in Qatar anyway, so we just chilled and ate a lot.

The airport was beautiful!

They had this really cool Instagram canvas as well! Ohmygod, you shouldv’e seen my face loool. Peope were legit staring like never before haha!

Aaaaaand that’s it!! Hands down the best Pakistan-trip ever I will be showing you stuff I got from there as well, but that’s for another time xoxo

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