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Mixed from Pakistan

________ 2015-10-20 ________

BACK IN PAKISTAN & här kommer de allra sista bilder från Pakistan—som är från lite var som helst. Tänkte att det kunde vara kul med en liten summering av de bilder som inte fick plats i andra inlägg också :⁆

//T R A N S L A T I O N; BACK IN PAKISTAN And here’s some mixed pictures from Pakistan as well :⁆ Just to post the ones that were too random for a whole new post, enjoy!

One day we decided to get our pretty cousin ready! We used all our heavy caking, contouring and strobing on her and this is what we ended up with ↓ It wasn’t as expected, but she’s such a pretty girl so it didn’t really matter :p

And her eyes wow MA

That day was so random cause I saw cows walking around outside, just 5 minutes after we were done with our makeup lol. Like they just appeared out of nowhere and after a while a man was running around trying to get them off the land like eh… okay.

This is from the wedding preparations, when Komal was getting the plates ready for the mendhi. Poor soul had to do all this alone in the heat (we had to go back to Rawal Pindi), but they turned out so pretty! I LOOVE being Pakistani with all these pretty colors and traditions wow!

And here goes the invitation-cards for the three-day-long wedding.

14th of August!! HAPPY BELATED INDEPENDCE DAY EVERYONE Just remembered that I never wished it here or on instagram.

My sister’s birthday bash. We drove all the way from Rawal Pindi to Dolatnagar for this and it pretty much ended in chaos smh. But it was a good day and I looked good lol!

And just some random shots around the neighborhood.

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