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________ 2015-10-19 ________

BACK IN PAKISTAN Herregud, klockan är redan halv tre! Tänkte att jag snabbt kunde slänga in ett Pakistan-inlägg innan jag sover för dagen så vi också få den resan avslutat haha! Den här gången går turen till Mirpur där vi skulle besöka mammas bästavän sedan barnsben. Vi åkte dock väldigt sent så vi fick knappt se något och för att göra det värre regnade det hela dagen också.. Men det var ändå mysigt! Kommer fortfarande ihåg den konstiga känslan jag fick när vi svängde in på gatan, nästan lite som om jag hade varit där innan :’)

//T R A N S L A T I O N; BACK IN PAKISTAN Ohmygod it’s already 2:30am! Was just thinking of posting the last bits of our Pakistan-trip so we could be done with that already lol. This time we went to Mirpur to visit my mums bestfriend since childhood! We got really late tho, so we never saw all those amazing places I wished to see, but iA next time. The place itself was amazing and I had a really strange feeling of déjà vu all day long :’)

I went for a purple smokey eye and it turned out to be better than expected ↓

My sister made this really cool braid-in-a-bun-thing, so I felt like a pretty princess all day long lol.

And I wore this really pretty kameez from Khaadi

First thing I saw after reaching Mirpir was this lovely lady. She was cooking. Yes, you heard right; cooking! I got a shot of her half-hiding behind this lovely door ↓ (We didn’t know her.. I guess she was just another neighbor)

And the shoes (chappal? lol) I snapped around 59392029 times! I’m so in love with these and got them from Centaurus Mall in Islamabad. Will show you better pictures later on of course :)

We ate at a restaurant (they had all kinds of crazy dishes, like junglee chawal and so on looool) and Mirpur itself felt like a dream the day after. After the restaurant the night fell like it had never hit this part of Pakistan and it started raining cats and dogs. I only remember being really really tired on the way back and a very black sky with thunderstorm every now and then. Props to my dad who drove all the way to and from Mirpur without even complaining once. Love him to bits

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