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The Pakistan Monument

________ 2015-09-22 ________

BACK IN PAKISTAN—Fortsättningen på DET här. Jag nämnde kanske att vi drog vidare från The Heritage Museum till The Pakistan Monument? Vi hann alltså med att se två stora platser samma dag och därför hann det bli mörkt innan jag fick så mycket av det sistnämnda på bild. Men det var en otrolig vacker plats och jag önskar att man kunde göra en photoshoot på trapporna där Rabail & jag sitter hehe

//T R A N S L A T I O N; BACK IN PAKISTAN—If you guys remember; I mentioned The Pakistan Monument in THIS post. We actually went straight to this ↓ place after The Heritage Museum and it was a really good day overall. Although, since we did two things same day, it got dark fast (the days in Pakistan are so short anyway) and I didn’t get the chance to catch so much of the Monument itselt. BUT since it was such a good day overall, it’s okay too.

Wali was with us as well, this cute little munchkin

I have no idea what this is and I certainly didn’t eat (lol) but it looked delicious…

& here we have the gates to The Pakistan Monument. How beautiful :’)

Moving on to the never-ending stairs. We found these cool hand prints along the wall up to the actual Monument & I still have no idea about who these people were and what these hand prints stood for lol.

Allow some selfies as well hehe.

Finally at the top! Unlike some people who cheated with the lift ahem…

These pictures right here give me the chills, MA! The view was just breathtaking from the top!

& as I said, it started getting dark really fast. The days are so short in Pakistan anyway, so by the time we reached the point where we first started it was time for maghrib prayer. All the men started a jammat (including my dad and brother) and we all waited by this beautiful stone that had lighting hitting just the right spots.

& the picture we all have been waiting for; The Pakistan Monument at night WOW

At our way out from this place, we got caught looking at people selling some real cool stuff. The man holding this blue light was the coolest of the bunch lol. He would throw it in the air and it would make zigzag versions and fall like colored rain :D I had such a good day that day and will never forget how fun we had. Hope you guys enjoyed, love x

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