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Nikah pen

________ 2017-06-17 ________

Lite uppdatering från min sida! Känns som tusen år jag kikade förbi här men med uppsägningstiden på Espresso House som närmar sig, känner jag mig lite mer ledig och pigg. Har verkligen kämpat in i helvete med det sista, så för tillfället ser mitt rum kaos ut. Försöker få ordning på det men det är SÅ svårt! Inte nog med att jag ska packa inför Pakistan, så ska jag även få ihop lådor till London, vet ni hur sjukt mycket saker det är att få koll på? Arghhhh!

Följer ni mig på instagram förresten? La upp bilden på min fina Nikah-penna som jag fick med posten förra veckan. Tanken bakom den var enkel; jag ville ha något stilrent till oss, utan att gå all in med peacock feathers haha! Beställde två pennor från Parker där mitt favorit citat fick stå “Here’s your sorrow, & here’s my shoulder”. Tycker den är så fin :’) Jag delade upp texten så på min guldiga penna står det alltså “Here’s yoursorrow”, medan Rohail fick andra halvan “& here’s my shoulder”.

//T R A N S L A T I O N; Feels like ages I ago I was in here to say hi! I’ve been really giving my 100% to everything else, mostly work, so I can save up before the big day. I resigned last week and my last day will be end of june, sigh! In a way I’m not really done yet with Espresso House, but at the same time, this moving from Sweden and starting a new life really feels worth it. IA everything goes like planned. Do you guys follow me on instagram btw? I posted this picture of my Nikah pen, which I got last week. I was thinking something classy but yet personalized and came up with the idea of a Parker pen with my favorite quote!

“Here’s your sorrow, & here’s my shoulder”

The first half of it went on my goldchrome pen, and the second half was sent on a pen to UK. I feel like this is the best wedding prep idea I’ve ever come up with lol!

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Goldfoiled life

________ 2017-04-06 ________

I’m all about those golden details! Recently I bought these two prints at our local store and died when I realized it was indeed gold foiling! I love doing it at home but obviously the quality of the paper varies lol. These two came with card stock paper and I got two frames to go with them from my mama. Fit PERFECTLY on my wall. I used to love the photowall I had before, but I have to agree that I’ve “outgrown” it and just want my room to look stylish and one-colored haha!

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Campaign statistics and what not

________ 2017-03-22 ________

Hi guys! Gonna be a late post today, was out driving all day just to be lazy at home, sleep for 10 minutes then run for an employee meeting at 8. Didn’t really feel like a day off since the driving lesson was quite early and I’m struggling atm lol. Can’t wait to have my license already seriously. So tired of early mornings and being positive even though I try so hard ugh. Anyway! We had a campaign at work where we had to ask as many customers as possible about Coffee cards and I was a runner up in our little contest. I won a cute little pink cup and chocolates! I personally love mars but I’m avoiding everything that contains chocolate atm, since I’m trying to get rid of acne scars haha! Highlight of the day

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________ 2017-03-19 ________

*checks if everything is set and ready*—WASSUP GUYS?! I’ve been working with this layout for 5 days now and can proudly say that I’m HALFWAY there lol! Actually, it all started out with me messing something up in the codes ( I was only trying to fix a new header!!) and after that it just went downhill. I tried fixing it but since I’m not used to code as much as I was before (I did it daily lol), I just ruined the whole design. Got second thoughts and nearly closed down the blog, but then got the idea of going with a template instead and edit after that!! You know what the best part about all this is?—you are now looking at a RESPONSIVE WEBDESIGN! I got a lot of DM’s last time about the layout looking hella crazy in some browsers and I was unable to fix that. So thought of going with something that was fully responsive hehe.

Now to the next part; what you know about is long gone. This site is brand new and only God knows the ideas I got in my head. I’m thinking a lot of tutorials, tips & trix, desi posts and what not!!! I’m so so so excited you guys! I deleted 5-10 categories that wasn’t being used anyway, or was just… not really to any use. Put them in a drop down menu and voila! Later to come is a camera equipment page and a page where you can read a little about moi. You can even find recent posts to the right and I’m thinking of doing a “worth reading” post header as well, where I’ll gather all the good posts that deserves a reread! If you look at the top, you can now find the songs I’m listening to atm. If you scroll to the bottom you can now see my instafeed and the newest little baby;


I’m SOOOOO excited to finally talk about this you guys! The site is still under construction, but will soon contain all-errything wedding DIY’s, ideas and inspiration. I’m talking about mendhi thaals to walima reception yass! Let’s cheers into this new beginning for and take this blog even further. Oh and, I decided to cancel the swedish text once and for all and concentrate on the english readers. Mainly cause 99% of you guys are from the UK (lol) but also cause it just gets too messy with so much text in one post and nah cba haha!

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Maala set from India

________ 2017-02-15 ________

Följer ni mig på instagram, har ni nog sett min fina mala set ifrån Indien! Om inte, så menar jag alltså den HÄR bilden. Jag har aldrig riktigt gillat stora mala hängande över halsen men fick dille för det förra året. I samband med det beställde jag hem den här fina mala set från Indien! Hela kitet fick jag för runt 900 kr och i paketet låg det headpiece, mala, choker, 2 x handpiece, naath, örhänge med sahara samt en jättefin arm cuff. Den är gjort av kundan och i världens finaste guldiga färg Smycken är ifrån en privat person i Indien :)

//T R A N S L A T I O N; You must’ve seen my beautiful mala set if you follow me on instagram! If not, I’m talking about THIS picture here. I’ve never really been fond of big malas before but last year I just couldn’t stop myself from buying this! It’s from India and in this kit for 90 pounds I got; a headpiece, 2 x handpieces, a mala, a choker, naath, earrings with sahara and a beautiful tiny arm cuff! It’s made out of kundan and I got it from a private seller in India! Talk about going all in!

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