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Oral B Genius 9000 Rosegold

________ 2018-08-18 ________

Hi guys! I have been all crazy about skincare since 2018 took it’s beginning—and with it came oral care as well lol. After months of researching and reading article after article, I decided to go big and invest in an Oral-B Genius 9000 in rosegold!! It was a beautiful moment when I opened the package and saw what was waiting for me. The most high-tech toothbrush with the most 2018-color haha!

I thought it was a good time to throw in a mini-review on this. I’ve been using this for almost 4 months and have literally nothing to complain about. I ordered the toothbrush from Clas Ohlson (direct link) and it came with 4 different brush heads, a beautiful rosegold cover/travel case and an iPhone “stand” so you can put your iPhone up on the mirror and use the Bluetooth features as well (I told you it’s high-tech!!) It has 5 different brushing modes, pressure sensor (so you don’t brush too hard) and is the only brush with position detection that sees where you brush and guides you to never miss a zone. It also have Bluetooh and an app that you can download on your iPhone to keep track on your brushing sessions. Talk about really going all in for oral care?

I’ve only been using 1 head, the crystal one, and it’s my favorite. It has a round shape to it so it really brush the teeth from all sides. I always choose the “polishing” mode cause I feel that’s when my teeth gets the intensive care they need after eating crap all day. There’s also a mode for your tongue, so you can scrape off all food residues in one go!

I used the travel case for my trip to Pakistan and it was the easiest and most convenient thing ever. I just took off the brush head and neatly packed the toothbrush in the travel case—voila! Forget all transparent kitchen bags you always use—we’re traveling with style!

I have to be honest; I haven’t used the Bluetooh mode that much. I downloaded the app before flying to Pakistan, but deleted it again cause it was taking up too much space in my phone and I also didn’t use the app at all. I tried the position detection as well, but didn’t like it at all since the moment you moved your face, it would get out of frame and start all over again. It was just too complicated for me I guess. I really liked that you could choose the color tho! That’s also something you’ll need the app for! The travel case comes with a USB port as well, so you can charge your phone and toothbrush in one go. 21st century at its best.

Beautiful color! Rosegold all the waaaay
Travelcase with an USB-port—What more do you need?
5 different brush heads—secured for the upcoming 2 years at least lol
Pressure sensor—okay so this has to be my favorite feature ever. I’ve always had very weird looking toothbrushes since they always end up ruined cause I brush too hard, but this prevent the whole thing! It starts blinking red whenever you put on too much pressure! YAS

The color is VERY sensitive. It’s rosegold mixed with white and ugh, let me just say that I should’ve gone for a darker color. Gets very dirty after a week and so.
The app is hella confusing—anyone else using it and think the same?
Battery—okay so I know it’s an electric tootbrush and cause of that you need to charge it but ughhhhhhh the other day it died before me being done with my teeth and I got so damn annoyed lol.

All in all—I really love it and it makes my teeth feel brand new, BUT it IS a lot of money for a toothbrush. I think it’s cause of the Bluetooh feature…. Which I didn’t like either. I don’t know, I would recommend Oral B as a brand but would most probably advise you to buy the old versions as they’re cheaper and got the same ability, just without the Bluetooth.

Hope this helped you guys! This review is written in all honesty and I bought the toothbrush with my own money.

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Anker portable charger

________ 2018-05-13 ________

Back home again! This 4 day trip to Stockholm was soo needed, especially in this heat. To just forget all duties and to-do-lists and enjoy the beautiful weather, no have to’s, no emergency calls. It was almost like I was living another life for a moment lol. We got a bit late on our way to the airport, so the baggage never got on the plan. Ehm… The lady at the helpdesk asked us to take it with us through security and just throw everything away that didn’t make it to the other side. I almost screamed when I thought about my new eyebrow scissors from Anastasia.. Are you crazy?! lol.

One thing that literally saved my whole trip was this powerbank from Anker. As with everything else, I asked you guys for a good solid portable charger for my trips, and 99% of you recommended me an Anker. Said & done, it was ordered the same day! I’ve been using this for almost a month now and I am so much in love! My sister and I fully charged our phones twice and this powerbank STILL had 3 dots left! It is crazyyyy how fast it is! Let’s look at the pro & cons!

- Fastest charger out there.
- A little net pouch comes with it to secure it in your handbag.
- Multifunctional powerbank—you can charge TWO phones at the same time!
- Doesn’t take much time to charge it fully as well. Put it on for a whole night and you can get through a day with constant snapchatting & instastoring.
- You don’t have to turn it off! The minute you take off your iphone, it’ll go into standby mode itself until you put on another phone.
- It’s small! Will easily fit in your handbag without any problems lol.

- The design is a bit boring. Black and ugh… Maybe to give it a “serious” look? Idk.. I would love something brighter and more colourful.
- It’s a bit heavy.. I mean not that it’s a problem… But yea, would love something lighter.
- The only thing that came in the box was the powerbank and a wire to charge it with. A plug would be nice as well.. But then again, maybe this is the standard for portable chargers?

Do I recommend this? YES YES YES! I payed approximately £30 and it’s honestly worth soo much more. I purchased it through ebay and you can find the direct link HERE. I had no tax or VAT problems and it arrived within a week. I researched how much it would be on a swedish site and found it for almost £100 lol… Noooo thank you! Thank you so much for your help lovely ladies. Forever thankful ♥

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Solotica—Hidrocor Ocre

________ 2018-02-15 ________

Back again with the contacts lool! As you remember, my last purchase from the brand Solotica was the Hidrocor Ice. I’ve written a detailed blogpost about that which you can find HERE. Those contacts were not really for daily use. More for a party look, Eid or maybe a wedding? Yes. For a daily use I was out looking for something that was more natural. So I came across this color, from the same brand, called Hidrocor Ocre! Tooooo die for! The contact lens is in an orange/hazel color, which actually scared me a little. I opened the tiny bottles and was like whaaaaat? Lol. Turns out it looks SO NATURAL on my dark brown pakistani eyes! Absolutely love how pigmented they are and most importantly; the comfort level! I have been wearing these for almost a week now, and I basically use them as my real eyes. No redness (nazar na laghe!!!) and it barely feels like I’m wearing anything! Obviously, if you already have dry eyes, it’s a good idea to get eyedrops as well, but I have not had any problem with any dryness so far and hopefully won’t either.

First thing’s first; I ordered these and my Ice ones from the same website—Visionmarketplace. It’s trustworthy, got fast shipping and it has Paypal!! That’s the most important thing! Very important that it’s secure and that you can get your money back if anything happens to the package upon arrival. So thumbs up for that! These contacts are quite pricy yes, but so worth it. You’ve heard about the daily and monthly ones, but yearly? No? Well, these can be used for a WHOLE DAMN YEAR!!!

If you don’t already know; I use transparent prescription contact lenses since 8′th grade cause of my weak eyesight, so putting these in were never a problem. Just feels normal? Apart from you being extra cautious of course, they’re expensive so show a little softness while picking them up from the bottles. I ordered these in the same prescription I have in my transparent ones; 2.50. So yes, you can choose the power from the drop down menu on their site. I think the shipping time depends on whether you decide to buy prescription ones or not, cause it obviously takes time to get them made for you.

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Solotica—Hidrocor Ice

________ 2017-12-17 ________

Jag har, sedan jag var 15 år gammal, alltid använt mig av för tja.. just färgade linser haha! De är bra och billiga men så som med allt annat har jag växt ur de orealistiska typerna. Ni vet, de med svart ytterkant som ser lite väl kattiga ut? Not really my cup of tea anymore. Solotica och Desiolens är båda välkända namn just nu inom färgade linser-branschen (heter det så?). Desiolens är som sagt speciellt framtagna för oss desis—med mörkbruna chokladiga ögon.

Den här gången gick jag efter Solotica. Jag kollade igenom deras Instagram och flera Youtube klipp på folk som testat de olika färgerna—speciellt de med bruna ögon som jag. Till sist bestämde jag mig för att gå efter Hidrocor Ice! En jättefin ljusblå färg som näääästan täcker all det bruna.

Linserna är bekväma att sätta i och färgen är drömlik men framför allt realistisk! Linserna kom i ett litet paket med två små burkar som man fick “riva upp”. En liten söt behållare fick man också men linsvätska får man inhandla själv såklart! Jag har dålig syn så jag beställde mina med styrka—2,50 på båda ögonen. Kostade mig 88 GPB men dessa håller i ett år! Standard för linser är ju att de håller i en månad bara men här tycker jag att man investerar istället! Jag har köpt mina på Visionmarketplace. Förutom att vänster ögats lins rör sig lite (då man ser den bruna färgen under) så känner jag att dessa är så naturliga som det bara kan bli! Nedan ser ni före-bilder.

//T R A N S L A T I O N; A few weeks back I finally made a Solotica order! For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about; colored contacts! I’ve been wanting to try on this brand for ages, but been too lazy. It’s quite similar to Desiolens, but I would say the pigment is stronger in these ones.

So, I was mainly after some realistic looking contacts, without it looking too “catty” and spooky lol. You all remember those with the blackish edge right? Not really my cup of tea anymore. I went with an icy blue color called Hidrocor Ice. It’s similar to their Hidrocor Cristal, but the cristal ones are too white for my taste. The contacts arrived last week and are the most comfortable colored contacts I’ve ever worn. And that’s coming from someone who’s tried on every possible brand ever lol.

They arrived in small “jars” and a little cute container where you can store them for future use. The lens solution is something you have to buy separately btw. I have weak eyesight so it took a little longer than usual for them to despatch the shipment, as they make the order specially for you, but overall I’m satisfied! Visionmarketplace is the website I ordered mine from and my order landed on 88 GPB. Other than the left eyed contact moving sometimes, I’ve had no problem whatsoever. Really recommend this brand and I will definitely be buying more colors! The ++ is that you can use these for up to 1 year! Standard durability is one month for colored contacts, so the price really does justice to that year. Before-pictures below;

Linsen är i ljusblå färg som knappt syns, så var lite försiktiga med att dra ut den från de små burkarna!
//T R A N S L A T I O N; The contact is in a very light blue color, so it’s nearly impossible to find the contact in the solution lol. Be careful so it doesn’t disappear.

Såhär inzoomat ser man såklart även de små pixlarna, men annars syns de inte alls!
//T R A N S L A T I O N; & obviously when it’s zoomed in this much, you can even see the pixlars, which are btw not so visible at all irl.

Och här har vi då hur de ser ut på själva ögat.
//T R A N S L A T I O N; & lastly; how they look on the eye.

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