Thursdaygal Inc

Thursdaygal INC

________ 2018-08-30 ________

Hi guys! I’m finally a bit better now, still feels like my ribs are in pieces, but thank god there’s painkiller for that lol. I’m so stressed atm cause a lot things need to be done before I start uni and I have only 3 days to do all that. I wish I never got this damn virus ugh.

I know that the majority of my followers here on my blog are from my instagram, which means that you can’t possibly have missed my little logo business I set up a few weeks ago? I had been thinking about logo branding for quite some time now actually, but you know, I’m a person with second thoughts and I never thought I could be able to deliver anything. I mean, all these years I’ve been designing logos… for myself? Lol, I’m an easy client.

I have to say though, this has been a success and that is only because of you guys! Thank you so much for trusting me with your logos and discussing color palettes late at nights. This has to be one of the few things I started with, that is literally so much fun! I enjoy it soo much!

All slots are booked as for now, so I am taking no more bookings atm. I thought it could be fun to show you guys the logo I just got done with this morning. This is for a jewellery store! First time I got to work with dark colors!

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________ 2018-07-29 ________

Hi loves! I’m back in Sweden now since 2-3 days. Our trip to Pakistan was one of the best trips ever—everything from shopping to parties! We went crazy with clothes this time—the branded and customised suits, ghararaz deluxe, b-neck ugh. I can’t even think about it straight before I get a headache lol. I think I’m all set for Eid this time at least. No big dresses this time! In September I’m starting uni full time as well where I will be studying information architecture and I am so hyped! Will be updating you guys with what’s up etc!

Jumping from one thing to another; I’m slowly working on my instagram & blog as a web tool and just bought the cutest Instagram story icons ever! I was out looking for something that wasn’t mainstream but at the same time fit my business logos, and these fit perfectly! Got them from Etsy for around £9—so now that’s set lol. I love Etsy when it comes to graphics! There’s such talented people sitting there and selling their stuff for no penny at all! If you’re out looking icons as well I would highly recommend MacaronsandMimosas!

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