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Hard times

________ 2018-04-17 ________

So I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to use this blog. As you know, if you’ve been a loyal follower of mine, this platform used to be for my everyday writing, thoughts, photography—just all the things that makes me, all wrapped up in this blog. Through the years I’ve obviously moved away a bit, I wouldn’t say that I’ve lost the passion for writing here, cause I still think it’s fun—but it just has gotten harder and harder. Like, for instant, what am I supposed to write here after all reviews, tips & tricks, pictures? Is that ALL that’s gonna be here? My every day routine is just boring atm, but then again; it was non existing when I used to write the most? lol. Ugh, it’s so hard getting back here! Like, I do this brainstorming every night that NOW is the time to just get BACK IN THERE, but blaaaah whenever I start, it just feels pathetic.

Let’s just see where all this goes. As for right now, I’m getting late for work and I just realized my eyeliner is a bit uneven. So see ya later!

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