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Udta Punjab

________ 2018-04-01 ________

I watched Udta Punjab not long ago. This movie had been on my “watch-list” for quite some time but I never seemed to get my shit together enough for me to download it. Anyway, finally it happened and it was with mixed feelings I watched the first intermission. The movie is based on drug abuse by the youth population in the Indian state of Punjab and deals with what really happens behind the big black curtain. We get to follow four main characters that somehow cross each others path, and end up helping one another out of the misery they’re in.

What I personally liked about the movie was that it’s not one of those typical fairy-tale movie with a “happily ever after”. Udta Punjab deals with a lot of serious issues and force you to think about the ugly reality of drug abuse. How our youth is practically throwing their lives away because of bad lifestyle, wrong company and/or bad influence. At the same time it shows us four different sides of the story—and THAT is not common in Bollywood lol.

Along with that, the movie is packed with strong characters—such as Shahid Kapoor. Shahid’s acting is just on another level—he really is one of those people that leave their persona at home to jump into their character and live it! And to see Diljit Dosanjh act so WELL! This guy has been my favorite for years and the movie just made me fall for him even more haha!

The soundtrack is beautifully stitched together with very talented voices, but leaves me a bit disappointed. I can’t seem to grasp what it really is, but something’s missing…

The movie has no end if you ask me. It just blacks out in the middle of everything and shows the harsh reality of bad decisions—and that is totally ok since it leaves you with a strange feeling of wanting to see more but not wanting to know the consequences.. If you get what I mean? I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars! I like when Bollywood step out of their comfort zone and that is what was done with Udta Punjab. More movies like this thanks!


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