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Polaroids & what not

________ 2018-08-25 ________

I think I finally found a place for my polaroids! I’ve been moving them around my room for ages now, just didn’t feel like “me” hanging them on the wall, and you all know what I feel about clutter or things that give me “cluttery” feelings. I moved my bigass mirror to the side and just stuck them through the little opening at the sides. I don’t use this mirror anyway (never get ready in my room lol) and this looks more personalised than having them like rest of the world.

The funniest thing happened to me when I clicked the first shots with my polaroid camera. I didn’t have a sharpie so I tried to write with a normal ballpen at the top—ruined the whole thing! I couldn’t wipe it off (duh) nor write anything new and I really didn’t feel like throwing my very first shots away just cause of some tiny errors (YES, I’m this annoying with myself lol). So I just cut the “extra” part off all my polaroids and now have to keep it like that to make it look even & pretty. Firstworldproblems I know…

I just write the date on the back of the picture. Unique I know lol.

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Room decor

Magnet board

________ 2018-05-26 ________

The most common answer to if you guys wanted to see more blogposts like the one I posted yesterday, was YAS, so I thought why not show you guys my beautiful magnet “board” today (don’t even know if you can call it a board.. strip? lol). I got this from Åhlens and with it tiny tiny magnets followed… Which I have no idea where is now. I never got the chance to put it up before and quite honestly; had no idea where to either. I looove decor but I hate cluttering. My room needs to give a contrast look to it, good calm colors and beautiful interior yes! I used to have a “heart wall” in my room before. It’s basically a heart made out of your favorite pictures and since I’m a hobby photographer, my heart was made out of the best pictures ever shot. This was 3-4 years ago and through the years the thought of having random colored pictures on the wall just seems.. nah. It feels too messy. So this board is the only thing where I’m showcasing my photography skills live lol. I was thinking of having beautiful inspo pictures here before, but to print my own work would be better!

The other day I found the perfect magnets as well! So Kate Spade inspired and I absolutely love the gold foiled hearts and dots in two of them. The picture of the boy holding the flowers below is not shot by me—it’s just a random one I found on the internet. If you guys know the real photographer, please do tell me! I put up this thing with two push pins, which I use for almost everything on the walls! This is a really good idea if you don’t like your room to look so messy but at the same time want to show some personality.

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Room decor

IKEA trolley—Råskog

________ 2018-05-25 ________

I’m currently in a spring-summer-clean-out of my room! Not only is it needed (trust me) but I’m also thinking to make more space for upcoming work here. My mom bought this beautiful trolley from IKEA a while ago and as with everything else, I claimed it first… Even though she bought it lol! I’m so lucky actually, cause my mom and I have the exact same taste in furniture, decor stuff and interior! It feels like I’m cloning myself whenever we go out to do IKEA-shopping and THAT is a feeling of power!

Anyway, enough of my craziness. When I first dragged this trolley to my room, it just looked weird and I didn’t really know what to do with it. Which resulted in me going back with it to my mom and saying that I didn’t really need it anyway… It was first when I was surfing on Pinterest when I got this idea of decorating it with my favorite stationary! So I got it back into my room and ohmygod, this gives such a luxurious look to it.

In here I stored my favorite pens, scissors, planners—just everything stationary. The acrylic tumblr is from Glitter and is actually for jewellery—but I found better purpose for it. The hole puncher and tape dispenser is from Åhlens and the stapler I stole from my sister. Going to order my own very soon! The golden scissors are from eBay and in there I have stacked some Pandora pens I got from my sister as well. The tiny pineapple.. I don’t remember where it’s from but I store all my tiny tiny erasers in there lol. Planner from Lagerhaus and the gems etc from Primark.

I stored my printer on the second “floor” and my laminator on the last one. Still not sure to keep it there or not, will most probably find something better. The trolley is called “Råskog” on IKEA and is actually for the kitchen I think? You can also DIY it with spraypaint if you find it cheaper but in another color!

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Ikk haan di kudi de nal yaari pai gayi

________ 2018-02-23 ________

Hi guys! How are you? I had a pretty early morning this Friday so I was home already at 11am. Felt like I had the whole day to myself, so I went outside and spray-painted a stool from IKEA. This DIY-project has been on my to-do-list for ageeees, but I just now got the chance to do it. Can’t wait to show you guys the end result! I will be posting a mini tutorial on here, as promised about on instagram. It’s basically a stool that we accidentally picked up from IKEA and was to no use… So I bought a square blush pink fur from eBay and thought it would be a great accessory in my room. Anyway! As for right now I just washed my face after good 40 minutes of Mask Of Magnaminty from Lush. You’re supposed to sit with it for 10 minutes but I always get so lazy lol. I will be writing more about skincare very soon!

Until that we can just look at these beautiful faux flowers from our local dollarstore here in Sweden. They were only 5 kr each so I made my sister buy me a bouquet to fit in this pretty vase!

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