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Necessities for Pakistan—General

________ 2018-07-01 ________

The most awaited blogpost of all times!!! So, my visits to Pakistan are frequent. We go almost every year (yass), and every year I write down new things I’ve learned on my trip. Be it small details or necessities! Through the years this has become a habit of mine and it’s literally the most helpful thing ever. I thought it would be fun to share this list with you all today. Since makeup and skincare are two major things that are very imporant as well—I’m gonna divide this in 2/3 parts, the first one, down below, being about the most general things I do not forget/always fix when I land in Pakistan.

I have been talking a lot about powerbanks lately. The thought of having one made me laugh before I actually invested in one and now…. Well now I can’t live without one lol. I would say it’s a great investment for your Pakistan trip, but this thing right here comes in handy back in Sweden as well! The so called “loadshedding” is not a thing in Bahria Town, where we live, but we all know the looong trips to small cities to visit family. You need this thing to keep your phone alive—especially if you have an iPhone! I wrote a review about my new Anker powerbank HERE and I sitll stand by my words!

Carrying on to the WIFI. It’s not the most easiest thing to get a good internet connection here i Pakistan, but it’s not impossible! I would say it’s getting easier and easier every year—might have to do something with Pakistanis improving their services as well lol. Anyway! I strongly recommend a Zong device—the one we used last year was amazing! It’s basically a small device that you charge like any other phone and when fully charged you can just take it with you whereever you go. Although this time we got a Telenor USB that you have to plug in in order to use it. I would say the device is better, especially because of the electricity issues all around the country. The USB is not that bad either… But yea always best to go with something that doesn’t need electricity to run. lol.
You can find both things at your local “shop” where you find SIM-cards and other phone-related things.

Moving on to the music! I’m a bit old school—so I still use iTunes! It can be a bit complicated when you listen to a new song and want it in your playlist instantly—but I’m a perfectionist and not being able to perfectly edit the song name so all the spam is gone, really can get on my nerves. And idk, I think I just like how iTunes is set up. I used to listen to a lot of underground artists so Spotify was never an option since I couldn’t find the songs on there. Now when I’m more into Punjabi/Bollywood songs, it’s the same issue with Saavn. Also, you have to pay for it now as well and nah… So back to iTunes! You might have to wait until you get home and get the song downloaded on your iPhone—but it’s so worth it! I don’t own a laptop so whenever we travel to Pakistan, my biggest issue is that I won’t be able to update my playlists for a month—since my iTunes library is on my iMac back home. UNTIL I found this little loophole! It’s very easy! All you have to do is copy the iTunes folder on your iMac—or whatever Apple computer—and save it on your harddrive. Then you just import it on the new laptop and the program will ask you of whether you want to use this new library or not. You click ok and you’re all set to go! They’ve explained it more thoroughly HERE.

Still talking about music—I’m a sucker for good speakers. I simply cannot play music without having a good base sound so investing in some good spekers is really a good idea! I would say it’s easier to get a Beats Pill—since it’s small and easy to carry around in your luggage, but we packed our Marshall speakers! This black Killburn one is my sisters that she recently got, so we still had the original packing. It’s always best to be a bit cautious whenever you travel with these things, they’re very fragile.

I was talking about a harddrive above as well, but even if you don’t use iTunes or anything like that, it’s always good to bring your harddrive with you. You never know when your laptop will crash so it’s a good idea to have your pictures and documents backed up. I didn’t bring my harddrive with me last time and my pictures from that trip are still all over the place. Some on my sisters laptop, some on my brothers lol.

Talking about cameras—go and buy yourself an Instax Fuji 8 right now! I’m not kidding when I say it’s really an investment! I always have my Canon with me as well but there’s something about my polaroid camera that just really screams “vacay-memories”. It’s also lighter and easier to carry around than the big DSLR camera—and very appropriate to just snap with when you’re out having fun. I would recommend buying an extra film, cause you only have 10 snaps to go with. I’m working on a review about my Instax camera, so stay tuned!

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A hot mess?

________ 2018-05-29 ________

Halllooo loves ♥ It is currently sehri time soon and here I am, inspired like always. Right now it just feels like I want to do it ALL at the SAME time lol. And that, boys and girls, does not end well. I can practically start a photo album, website, skincare routine, youtube planning all in one go and the next day I just push everything down my table and think it’s weird I thought THAT was inspiring lol. Like… I keep thinking now that Youtube is not “me”, I won’t be able to do it, just to get an extraordinary moodswing and the next second feel like I can conquer the world. Am I the only one? I think that’s more annoying than not being inspired. I just feel like a hot mess and like I have so little time and so much to do. Ugh.

Anyhow, today I went out to visit one of the new “Normal” shops that just opened here in Helsingborg. It’s been a thing in Denmark for quite some time but still new here! I think you can actually call it a Flying Tiger store, just minus all the DIY and craft stuff and instead think in cheap skincare hauls-circles. Something. The main reason I parked my car outside the walking street, even though I was tired as hell, was this St ilves apricot scrub! I know I’ve been talking quite a lot about this on my instagram lately, but after hearing your guys horror stories and reading that very scary article about the lawsuit, I thought it would be a nice hard scrub for my legs lol! I’m dealing with ingrown hair and really right now anything will do. Also legs aren’t that sensitive anyway, I don’t give two cents about mine. Just look soft and smooth thank you very much!

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Room decor

Magnet board

________ 2018-05-26 ________

The most common answer to if you guys wanted to see more blogposts like the one I posted yesterday, was YAS, so I thought why not show you guys my beautiful magnet “board” today (don’t even know if you can call it a board.. strip? lol). I got this from Åhlens and with it tiny tiny magnets followed… Which I have no idea where is now. I never got the chance to put it up before and quite honestly; had no idea where to either. I looove decor but I hate cluttering. My room needs to give a contrast look to it, good calm colors and beautiful interior yes! I used to have a “heart wall” in my room before. It’s basically a heart made out of your favorite pictures and since I’m a hobby photographer, my heart was made out of the best pictures ever shot. This was 3-4 years ago and through the years the thought of having random colored pictures on the wall just seems.. nah. It feels too messy. So this board is the only thing where I’m showcasing my photography skills live lol. I was thinking of having beautiful inspo pictures here before, but to print my own work would be better!

The other day I found the perfect magnets as well! So Kate Spade inspired and I absolutely love the gold foiled hearts and dots in two of them. The picture of the boy holding the flowers below is not shot by me—it’s just a random one I found on the internet. If you guys know the real photographer, please do tell me! I put up this thing with two push pins, which I use for almost everything on the walls! This is a really good idea if you don’t like your room to look so messy but at the same time want to show some personality.

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Room decor

IKEA trolley—Råskog

________ 2018-05-25 ________

I’m currently in a spring-summer-clean-out of my room! Not only is it needed (trust me) but I’m also thinking to make more space for upcoming work here. My mom bought this beautiful trolley from IKEA a while ago and as with everything else, I claimed it first… Even though she bought it lol! I’m so lucky actually, cause my mom and I have the exact same taste in furniture, decor stuff and interior! It feels like I’m cloning myself whenever we go out to do IKEA-shopping and THAT is a feeling of power!

Anyway, enough of my craziness. When I first dragged this trolley to my room, it just looked weird and I didn’t really know what to do with it. Which resulted in me going back with it to my mom and saying that I didn’t really need it anyway… It was first when I was surfing on Pinterest when I got this idea of decorating it with my favorite stationary! So I got it back into my room and ohmygod, this gives such a luxurious look to it.

In here I stored my favorite pens, scissors, planners—just everything stationary. The acrylic tumblr is from Glitter and is actually for jewellery—but I found better purpose for it. The hole puncher and tape dispenser is from Åhlens and the stapler I stole from my sister. Going to order my own very soon! The golden scissors are from eBay and in there I have stacked some Pandora pens I got from my sister as well. The tiny pineapple.. I don’t remember where it’s from but I store all my tiny tiny erasers in there lol. Planner from Lagerhaus and the gems etc from Primark.

I stored my printer on the second “floor” and my laminator on the last one. Still not sure to keep it there or not, will most probably find something better. The trolley is called “Råskog” on IKEA and is actually for the kitchen I think? You can also DIY it with spraypaint if you find it cheaper but in another color!

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Anker portable charger

________ 2018-05-13 ________

Back home again! This 4 day trip to Stockholm was soo needed, especially in this heat. To just forget all duties and to-do-lists and enjoy the beautiful weather, no have to’s, no emergency calls. It was almost like I was living another life for a moment lol. We got a bit late on our way to the airport, so the baggage never got on the plan. Ehm… The lady at the helpdesk asked us to take it with us through security and just throw everything away that didn’t make it to the other side. I almost screamed when I thought about my new eyebrow scissors from Anastasia.. Are you crazy?! lol.

One thing that literally saved my whole trip was this powerbank from Anker. As with everything else, I asked you guys for a good solid portable charger for my trips, and 99% of you recommended me an Anker. Said & done, it was ordered the same day! I’ve been using this for almost a month now and I am so much in love! My sister and I fully charged our phones twice and this powerbank STILL had 3 dots left! It is crazyyyy how fast it is! Let’s look at the pro & cons!

- Fastest charger out there.
- A little net pouch comes with it to secure it in your handbag.
- Multifunctional powerbank—you can charge TWO phones at the same time!
- Doesn’t take much time to charge it fully as well. Put it on for a whole night and you can get through a day with constant snapchatting & instastoring.
- You don’t have to turn it off! The minute you take off your iphone, it’ll go into standby mode itself until you put on another phone.
- It’s small! Will easily fit in your handbag without any problems lol.

- The design is a bit boring. Black and ugh… Maybe to give it a “serious” look? Idk.. I would love something brighter and more colourful.
- It’s a bit heavy.. I mean not that it’s a problem… But yea, would love something lighter.
- The only thing that came in the box was the powerbank and a wire to charge it with. A plug would be nice as well.. But then again, maybe this is the standard for portable chargers?

Do I recommend this? YES YES YES! I payed approximately £30 and it’s honestly worth soo much more. I purchased it through ebay and you can find the direct link HERE. I had no tax or VAT problems and it arrived within a week. I researched how much it would be on a swedish site and found it for almost £100 lol… Noooo thank you! Thank you so much for your help lovely ladies. Forever thankful ♥

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Bazzi Mine

________ 2018-04-29 ________

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Feelings & Thoughts

Hard times

________ 2018-04-17 ________

So I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to use this blog. As you know, if you’ve been a loyal follower of mine, this platform used to be for my everyday writing, thoughts, photography—just all the things that makes me, all wrapped up in this blog. Through the years I’ve obviously moved away a bit, I wouldn’t say that I’ve lost the passion for writing here, cause I still think it’s fun—but it just has gotten harder and harder. Like, for instant, what am I supposed to write here after all reviews, tips & tricks, pictures? Is that ALL that’s gonna be here? My every day routine is just boring atm, but then again; it was non existing when I used to write the most? lol. Ugh, it’s so hard getting back here! Like, I do this brainstorming every night that NOW is the time to just get BACK IN THERE, but blaaaah whenever I start, it just feels pathetic.

Let’s just see where all this goes. As for right now, I’m getting late for work and I just realized my eyeliner is a bit uneven. So see ya later!

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Hairmask—recommended by you!

________ 2018-04-07 ________

Hi girlies! Not long ago I asked you guys on instagram for hair remedies ♥ I use to have the best hair in the world but lately it’s been taking all the my falls I’ve been through the years. From uni stress to insomnia ugh. So a lot of you messaged me telling me thousands of totke and good hairmasks to get the shine back on with, but obviously I couldn’t possibly try everything lol. So after thinking for some time I went with the one I got recommended the most—mixed with all natural ingredients there is to find on the market! I have only been using this for 2-3 weeks—so I can’t say this is the one, but it has most definitely helped my frizzy hair a lot! I always use this before taking my weekly shower (LOL)—so twice a week, and it leaves my hair soooo soft and with zero knots!

Just a sidenote though; only playing with hairmasks won’t do it. You have to eat right, drink a lot of water and sleep right as well. All combined and you’re back to normal! None of the things I mentioned here works without the other. They’re like partners in crime.

Anyway! Here are the ingredients;

1 egg—Here we’re only using the egg yolk, not the whole thing. Some girls messaged me asking how to get rid of the smell it leaves in the hair. I soap my hair twice and then shampoo it. Also the smell mainly appears when you put a whole egg in your hair. It’s only the egg yolk that supposed to be mixed with the rest. Not only will your hair smell, but it’s very difficult to get it out of your hair as well.
1 tablespoon yoghurt— I use natural yoghurt you get from your local supermarket. The more yoghurt you use, the runnier it will be, so maybe even less than one tablespoon?
1 drop of honey—Also just normal honey. It comes in a tiny bottle I just squeeze a bit and there’s one drop.
1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil—I use the Vatika one! It’s theee best! I like to add more oil into the whole thing cause it is what’s best for your hair. You take how much your hair needs obviously. I don’t have the thickest hair in the world anymore, but there’s still a lot of it. So all ingredients need to be according to your hair.

Mix everything in a bowl and voila! Don’t wait too long with the egg though. I did and it was sooo hard to mix it afterwards—it left me with tiny lumps that I couldn’t crush so I had to throw everything out and make another hairmask lol. Also you’re supposed to mainly concentrate on the roots and then take the leftovers in the rest of the hair. I will be back after 1 year to tell you the difference, but until then you can join the wagon and tell me how it’s going for you?

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Diljit Dosanjh—Big Scene

________ 2018-04-01 ________

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Movies, Videos, Tv-shows

Udta Punjab

________ 2018-04-01 ________

I watched Udta Punjab not long ago. This movie had been on my “watch-list” for quite some time but I never seemed to get my shit together enough for me to download it. Anyway, finally it happened and it was with mixed feelings I watched the first intermission. The movie is based on drug abuse by the youth population in the Indian state of Punjab and deals with what really happens behind the big black curtain. We get to follow four main characters that somehow cross each others path, and end up helping one another out of the misery they’re in.

What I personally liked about the movie was that it’s not one of those typical fairy-tale movie with a “happily ever after”. Udta Punjab deals with a lot of serious issues and force you to think about the ugly reality of drug abuse. How our youth is practically throwing their lives away because of bad lifestyle, wrong company and/or bad influence. At the same time it shows us four different sides of the story—and THAT is not common in Bollywood lol.

Along with that, the movie is packed with strong characters—such as Shahid Kapoor. Shahid’s acting is just on another level—he really is one of those people that leave their persona at home to jump into their character and live it! And to see Diljit Dosanjh act so WELL! This guy has been my favorite for years and the movie just made me fall for him even more haha!

The soundtrack is beautifully stitched together with very talented voices, but leaves me a bit disappointed. I can’t seem to grasp what it really is, but something’s missing…

The movie has no end if you ask me. It just blacks out in the middle of everything and shows the harsh reality of bad decisions—and that is totally ok since it leaves you with a strange feeling of wanting to see more but not wanting to know the consequences.. If you get what I mean? I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars! I like when Bollywood step out of their comfort zone and that is what was done with Udta Punjab. More movies like this thanks!


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