Borås, Selfportraits

Somewhere magical

________ 2018-10-15 ________

How are you all doing today? I think I’m finally getting my blogging-mode back again, or is it just me procrastinating? Lol. I have been outside alll day today. If you don’t already follow me on instagram, you would know I found the most magical place in Borås! I was walking down to the main city whilst talking to my mum, thinking I would sit and drink coffee at Espresso House, when I came by this beautiful park just 5 minutues from my uni! Ohmygod.. I cannot describe in words how magical and beautiful it was, seeing autumn like this!! I have never experienced anything like that! I must’ve cried a bit as well, I don’t even remember. All I can recall is calling Hammad and asking him to come sit with me AND of course bring the camera with him as well lol. I still have to edit the pictures, but I just posted this one on my instagram ▼ I hope you all enjoyed your day, mine was beautiful.

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Borås, University

Officially a Borås’are

________ 2018-10-13 ________

Hi guys! Long time no see? It’s been some hectic weeks. I’ve now officially moved to Borås to study full time! It’s very exciting but at the same time kinda weird that I don’t work as much as I used to do before. You somehow get used to knowing life as an employee lol.

I have had to struggle a great deal when it comes to my move to Borås. Not only was I the last one out looking for an apartment *facepalm*, but it was very hard finding something that I could “get on” with. I just didn’t feel comfortable with anything? Like, I know it’s a lot to ask for, but I wanted a good white spacious apartment—I wanted my first move from my parents to be perfect! And all I was getting was ugly brown doorknobs with furniture from the 19th century. I later on realised that new beginnings are just like this; hard to swallow and very difficult to get on with, so I decided that instead of buying an apartment, I would rent one for an okay amount a month. Borås is nice, but I don’t want to stay here after my degree, that’s for sure.

My apartment is lovely though, as in, if I got to furnish it, it would look like heaven, but as it’s already furnished AND a studio apartment, I can’t really do much besides tiny DIY projects. Which is ok as well, I mean, it’s not that bad? It could be worse.

So YES, I am now officially a Borås’are, studying full time at University of Borås. I can’t wait to see where this new turn in my life takes me!

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Bronchitis & Borås

________ 2018-09-08 ________

I have been through one of the most disgusting and awful viral infections ever—bronchitis. I don’t know how many times I’ve choked on my own phlegm (UGH I know) just to gasp for air in the next second, and literally watched my life flash through in front of me lol. I don’t even want to talk about this, it’s one of those weeks I’ll never forget. I’m finally out of it but I’m still coughing a little here and there. I asked you guys on Instagram for help and a lot of you came through with really good tips but what helped me the most was “dood andha”—lol. It’s basically milk with egg yolk, which my mum used to give me as well during period time. I went to the doctors again after some weeks when it was the worst and he told me that Cocilliana wasn’t good for this at all, since it’s antitussive. I was supposed to actually cough to get the phlegm out of my system, not prevent it? Lol. I got it prescribed the first time I went so my tip is to always do you research. Doctors aren’t God, sometimes they have absolutely no clue what is going on.

Anyway, I’ve been to Borås a lot these past weeks. I finally started uni 3rd of september and it’s located aaaall the way in Borås! Let’s see how it goes, inshallah have big plans for the upcoming months.

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Thursdaygal Inc

Thursdaygal INC

________ 2018-08-30 ________

Hi guys! I’m finally a bit better now, still feels like my ribs are in pieces, but thank god there’s painkiller for that lol. I’m so stressed atm cause a lot things need to be done before I start uni and I have only 3 days to do all that. I wish I never got this damn virus ugh.

I know that the majority of my followers here on my blog are from my instagram, which means that you can’t possibly have missed my little logo business I set up a few weeks ago? I had been thinking about logo branding for quite some time now actually, but you know, I’m a person with second thoughts and I never thought I could be able to deliver anything. I mean, all these years I’ve been designing logos… for myself? Lol, I’m an easy client.

I have to say though, this has been a success and that is only because of you guys! Thank you so much for trusting me with your logos and discussing color palettes late at nights. This has to be one of the few things I started with, that is literally so much fun! I enjoy it soo much!

All slots are booked as for now, so I am taking no more bookings atm. I thought it could be fun to show you guys the logo I just got done with this morning. This is for a jewellery store! First time I got to work with dark colors!

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Harmonious Hampers

________ 2018-08-27 ________

A couple of days ago I received this lovely gift from a dear friend. I love personalised gifts and the fact that it’s handcrafted just makes it even better. The thought of someone taking out the time to gift something to ME? Nah, I’m sold. Hammad and I were both so happy!

It’s the perfect wedding/birthday gift for a special someone! By the most talented Areej on Harmonious Hampers. Check out her instagram HERE. I didn’t make the order, which is why I cannot give you an honest review of the process, but seeing this so beautifully wrapped up, I can only imagine the time spent on it. Thank you so much Shehroon, for the lovely card & gift ♥

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Room decor, Babbling

Polaroids & what not

________ 2018-08-25 ________

I think I finally found a place for my polaroids! I’ve been moving them around my room for ages now, just didn’t feel like “me” hanging them on the wall, and you all know what I feel about clutter or things that give me “cluttery” feelings. I moved my bigass mirror to the side and just stuck them through the little opening at the sides. I don’t use this mirror anyway (never get ready in my room lol) and this looks more personalised than having them like rest of the world.

The funniest thing happened to me when I clicked the first shots with my polaroid camera. I didn’t have a sharpie so I tried to write with a normal ballpen at the top—ruined the whole thing! I couldn’t wipe it off (duh) nor write anything new and I really didn’t feel like throwing my very first shots away just cause of some tiny errors (YES, I’m this annoying with myself lol). So I just cut the “extra” part off all my polaroids and now have to keep it like that to make it look even & pretty. Firstworldproblems I know…

I just write the date on the back of the picture. Unique I know lol.

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Reviews, Skincare

Oral B Genius 9000 Rosegold

________ 2018-08-18 ________

Hi guys! I have been all crazy about skincare since 2018 took it’s beginning—and with it came oral care as well lol. After months of researching and reading article after article, I decided to go big and invest in an Oral-B Genius 9000 in rosegold!! It was a beautiful moment when I opened the package and saw what was waiting for me. The most high-tech toothbrush with the most 2018-color haha!

I thought it was a good time to throw in a mini-review on this. I’ve been using this for almost 4 months and have literally nothing to complain about. I ordered the toothbrush from Clas Ohlson (direct link) and it came with 4 different brush heads, a beautiful rosegold cover/travel case and an iPhone “stand” so you can put your iPhone up on the mirror and use the Bluetooth features as well (I told you it’s high-tech!!) It has 5 different brushing modes, pressure sensor (so you don’t brush too hard) and is the only brush with position detection that sees where you brush and guides you to never miss a zone. It also have Bluetooh and an app that you can download on your iPhone to keep track on your brushing sessions. Talk about really going all in for oral care?

I’ve only been using 1 head, the crystal one, and it’s my favorite. It has a round shape to it so it really brush the teeth from all sides. I always choose the “polishing” mode cause I feel that’s when my teeth gets the intensive care they need after eating crap all day. There’s also a mode for your tongue, so you can scrape off all food residues in one go!

I used the travel case for my trip to Pakistan and it was the easiest and most convenient thing ever. I just took off the brush head and neatly packed the toothbrush in the travel case—voila! Forget all transparent kitchen bags you always use—we’re traveling with style!

I have to be honest; I haven’t used the Bluetooh mode that much. I downloaded the app before flying to Pakistan, but deleted it again cause it was taking up too much space in my phone and I also didn’t use the app at all. I tried the position detection as well, but didn’t like it at all since the moment you moved your face, it would get out of frame and start all over again. It was just too complicated for me I guess. I really liked that you could choose the color tho! That’s also something you’ll need the app for! The travel case comes with a USB port as well, so you can charge your phone and toothbrush in one go. 21st century at its best.

Beautiful color! Rosegold all the waaaay
Travelcase with an USB-port—What more do you need?
5 different brush heads—secured for the upcoming 2 years at least lol
Pressure sensor—okay so this has to be my favorite feature ever. I’ve always had very weird looking toothbrushes since they always end up ruined cause I brush too hard, but this prevent the whole thing! It starts blinking red whenever you put on too much pressure! YAS

The color is VERY sensitive. It’s rosegold mixed with white and ugh, let me just say that I should’ve gone for a darker color. Gets very dirty after a week and so.
The app is hella confusing—anyone else using it and think the same?
Battery—okay so I know it’s an electric tootbrush and cause of that you need to charge it but ughhhhhhh the other day it died before me being done with my teeth and I got so damn annoyed lol.

All in all—I really love it and it makes my teeth feel brand new, BUT it IS a lot of money for a toothbrush. I think it’s cause of the Bluetooh feature…. Which I didn’t like either. I don’t know, I would recommend Oral B as a brand but would most probably advise you to buy the old versions as they’re cheaper and got the same ability, just without the Bluetooth.

Hope this helped you guys! This review is written in all honesty and I bought the toothbrush with my own money.

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Pakistan, Bridal Diaries

Hunting for the perfect Baraat dress #1

________ 2018-08-05 ________

I know that weddings in Pakistan are a jungle. The clothes, the jewelry, the makeup, the shoes lol. It’s harder for people like us that are abroad and don’t have the experience of wedding shopping at all. I mean, friends weddings come up all the time and you somehow get a good idea of how to arrange things, but when you’re totally cut off from that bit as well, it seems like a puzzle even picking out a dress. I thought I would help you guys on the way and give my best tips on where and how to do your baraat dress shopping! It’s not easy, lol I agree with that, but it’s not impossible either!

Let’s jump right into it and discuss the most important part of a wedding—your wedding dress! Weddings in Pakistan are usually a three-day function; mendhi, baraat & walima, but I know people that do a small nikah and jump right into walima as well. It’s entirely up to you and your resources! The hunt after a wedding dress begins several months before the wedding. It’s not only about picking out something you like, but you have to have the right color, stitching, cut, embroidery—you name it. Now, as I mentioned earlier it’s very hard for us girls living abroad. We have no shops to visit, no earlier experience and 99% of the time; no idea what kind of dress we want either lol. There’s so many trends going on in Pakistan at the same time that you literally get lost! So my best tip is to choose whether you want to look like a traditional or trendy bride.


I had a very clear idea of me looking like the traditional bride with a jhoomar, nath and a blood red wedding dress, but I changed my mind the last second. I think it’s very healthy for couples to discuss beforehand about how they want to look etc. My idea of the traditional bride was a red dress and that’s it, but after discussing it back and forth we came to the conclusion that going with a champagne color with a hint of red details would look so much better! So I chose a beautiful champagne/bronze dress with small maroon details on it. The lehenga underneath was paired with a beautiful peplum shirt and a heavy bordered dupatta. Such a beautiful combination!

Here alot of different styles come in as well. A few years back it was very trendy with a long shirt with “chawks” on the side, paired with a lehenga. Then all of a sudden mini tops came in, the half-sleeves, the froks, the maxis—you name it. The best is to decide what looks best on you. Are you tall enough for a long shirt? Make a sketch of how you want to look on your big day and Pinterest it for more help!


I get tons of messages everyday of people asking me where they should do their bridal dress shopping. I’m not a professional and I only have experience from my own wedding, but I’ve heard a lot about the bazaar in Lahore. Lahore is always best for bridal shopping, whether it’s for mendhi, baraat or walima! So do go there and have a look! Although, since it’s Lahore, it’s very pricey as well. It also depends on whether you want a designer bridal dress or just something you can customize yourself. So again; scribble down what you’re looking for. It’s SO hard if you jump into it without pre-planning. You will get lost in the jungle of millions of styles and colors.

Now, when it comes to the shops, I only have experience with two different ones, located in two different cities, that sell two entirely different style of bridal gowns, to two entirely different customers. It would be very unfair of me to compare these two, as the first one, Mohsin & Sons is located in the heart of Islamabad, and the other is in Gujrat. They’re simply working with two different kind of people visiting them!

Mohsin & Sons is located in Islamabad and sell very high quality work. It’s such a pity that they don’t have an active working instagram/facebook page where they can showcase their dresses, cause I’m so sure they would get triple as much customers running in and out if they managed that! Social media is everything in the 21st century! Anyway, their service is really good and the employees working there take you seriously, whilst giving their own opinion at the same time. We had the luck of talking to the head of the store which gave us his honest opinion whilst discussing our own ideas, but I’m sure the other ones working there are really really talented as well. I don’t have anything bad to say about them, other than the most important thing; stitching. The lady they have in charge for the measurements have no idea what she’s doing and is very rude. I have no idea if that’s something they’re out looking for in Pakistan—rude employees—but it’s such a turn off! Other than that I can’t recall anything that was bad about them, so I highly recommend that store! This is not for designer bridal gowns, but their work is very high quality and good if you have a budget to hold.

The other store is located in Gujrat called Qari Cloth House. My family have been visiting this store for almost 10 years now and they sell everything from bridal dresses to branded suits and casual shalwaar kameez. I must admit, majority of their work is that typical “gujrati-kaam” but if you really dig in and search for the right dress, you will not be disappointed. I found my bridal dress from here due to the lack of time, and since my tailor is located in Rawal Pindi, I had to get my dress stitched from here as well. The dress is with a peplum shirt and a lehenga with tail. A heavy embroidery dupatta and the perfect shining fabric underneath the net so it gives a “bridal” look to it even more. As I mentioned earlier; I won’t compare their service and work with Mohsin & Sons, cause this one is for the people living in Gujrat, but I had major problems with the stitching here as well. Very irresponsible when measuring, which left me with weird looking sleeves that fell on my dupatta all day long. BUT, you have to keep in mind that I went there and found a dress in a week. Not all stores say yes to deliver a full bridal glam dress within a week! So heads up for that!

My best tip is to have an eye on Pinterest a year before the wedding. Make a board on there or something and pin everything you like! Print out the pictures you like the most; can be containing the b-neck you love, the type of sleeves you want to get sewed on your dress or whatever, and bring them with you to Pakistan. It’s sooo much easier with a clear idea that you can show the shopkeeper as well. This way you won’t be misunderstood! It’s a nightmare wearing a total catastrophe on your big day! So preplanning is the key!

Unfortunately, I have no experience with designer bridal dresses, as I didn’t get one for myself. I would also like to not recommend trusting instagram pages. I know a lot of girls that have ordered dresses online just to get scammed. Other times you don’t get scammed but the fabric and color differs so much from what you’ve seen online, that all of the money you spent on it, just go to waste. So go to Pakistan and have a look there! England is very far ahead with bridal dresses as well—but then again; very expensive!

Next time we will talk about my jewelry and makeup on my baraat day! Hope this post helped you in your hunt for your bridal dress. Much love xoxo

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DIY projects

Butterfly wall—Recreating Serena’s room

________ 2018-08-04 ________

Alot of you guys have been asking me about my butterfly wall in my room, and I think I had a mini tutorial on this when I first got the idea and made it happen. But since all those posts are gone, I thought I would make another more detailed post about this! I am such a sucker for wall-decor, I just can’t deal with an empty wall! I need a lot of pictures on there (no clutter though), something that just shows Momna! Serena’s room in Gossip Girl has always fascinated me, even though I’ve never been a loyal follower of the series. I was starstruck when I first saw it and when I was brainstorming what to do in here, I got this idea of recreating the whole thing and just skipping the black color!

Now, Serena’s room is HUGE lol and I only wanted this on the wall above my bed, which meant that the design went a bit smaller than I had thought. I still think of “expanding” it to fill the whole wall but I don’t know.. I’m scared it’ll give a “dirty” look to it lol.

SO! I researched a lot about the butterflies and had thoughts of making this on cardstock paper. Then I remembered that I had seen these beautiful 3D mirror butterflies on ebay and knew instantly that I had to bring this to my wall! Every package contained 12 butterflies, in different sizes, and I think I ordered around 10! You have to remember that the butterflies are in different sizes, so even though you have a lot of them, you still have to pair them right!

I started with the design without drawing anything on wall. I know that a lot of people like to have it perfectly symmetrical, but I seriously couldn’t be bothered. Some things just aren’t mean to be perfectly perfect all the time! Included in the package was small adhesive-tapes as well and I thought “Oh! This just got so much easier!”. First night went by and I woke up with 5 different butterflies in my hair that had fallen of the wall haha! So I went on and found my gluegun! Just a reminder though; A gluegun is something that is NOT meant to be used everywhere. If you live in an apartment that is not yours, I do not recommend glueing these on the walls, as it ruins the paint underneath! But since this is my room forever and we live in a villa, I can do whatever I want alhumdullilah. And I have no plans on taking these off anytime soon.

What you need for this project is the following;

A gluegun + gluesticks—which can be found literally anywhere!
3D mirror butterflies (you can choose color yourself)—Can be found HERE on ebay!
A picture to follow—Which you can find HERE. This is of Serena’s room and good to have with you when you’re working with your wall!

The only “con” I have in mind after having these on for around 2-3 years now, is that they get very dusty! I have to clean them once in a while to make them look even brighter, but that’s just something that comes with lol. Other than that, I am SO happy that I had this idea and actually made it happen as well!

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Tips, Thursdaygal Inc

Instagram Highlight Icons

________ 2018-07-29 ________

Hi loves! I’m back in Sweden now since 2-3 days. Our trip to Pakistan was one of the best trips ever—everything from shopping to parties! We went crazy with clothes this time—the branded and customised suits, ghararaz deluxe, b-neck ugh. I can’t even think about it straight before I get a headache lol. I think I’m all set for Eid this time at least. No big dresses this time! In September I’m starting uni full time as well where I will be studying information architecture and I am so hyped! Will be updating you guys with what’s up etc!

Jumping from one thing to another; I’m slowly working on my instagram & blog as a web tool and just bought the cutest Instagram story icons ever! I was out looking for something that wasn’t mainstream but at the same time fit my business logos, and these fit perfectly! Got them from Etsy for around £9—so now that’s set lol. I love Etsy when it comes to graphics! There’s such talented people sitting there and selling their stuff for no penny at all! If you’re out looking icons as well I would highly recommend MacaronsandMimosas!

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